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Each AI Assistant can have multiple skills, here are 3 of the most common skills to get your team started:

Engage Demand

Engage inbound leads who showed interest but didn’t score high enough for follow-up by your inside sales team

Activate Unresponsive Demand

Engage high scoring inbound leads who have not been responsive to outreach by your inside sales team


Drive attendance for events such as webinars and in person conferences.

Supports Multiple Languages and Channels

Sales AI Assistants engage with leads through email and text exchanges. They gather new or updated phone numbers and pass those details to the salesperson for follow-up, while updating the CRM or marketing automation system. Our virtual assistants also speak multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Japanese.

Real Time Insights
to Optimize Your Funnel

Analyze your funnel by using Conversica’s AI dashboards and reports to quickly understand where leads are getting stuck. Augment your workforce with AI Assistants at specific stages of the customer journey to drive faster conversion at every step.

Integrates with Your
Existing Technology Stack

Initial contact by the Sales AI Assistant is based on triggers and contact info in your CRM or marketing automation system. The AI Assistant interprets the intent and updates the systems and replies accordingly. Based on information from the conversation, the CRM and marketing automation systems are updated automatically.

Drive Sales and
Marketing Alignment

100% lead follow-up through two-way, personalized, human-like conversations

Identify Hot
Leads Faster

Find all of the hand raisers by asking versus assuming intent

Drive Higher

Ensure no lead is left behind by engaging every lead

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