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You just blew half your budget
on the biggest tradeshow of the year. Now what?

Congratulations! You got a ton of traffic to your booth and you now have hundreds – or maybe even thousands of new leads. Everyone is excited about the turnout and the endless possibilities. But once you’re back at the office, reality sets in.

What am I going to do with all these leads?

At most companies, the list will be circulated among the team and they’ll claim a few leads – the ones who actually sat down for a demo and truly seemed interested, or perhaps a lead they had been chasing for the past six months. If you’re lucky, maybe 10 percent of your list will be assigned to reps. And while your reps chase those leads with email after email and call after call, the rest stagnate in your CRM, waiting until your reps have time to get to them.

Chances are, that time never comes.

With a virtual sales assistant – driven by artificial intelligence (AI) – you can instantly increase the capacity of your sales reps and ensure every single lead is contacted, engaged and qualified in a timely manner. And unlike most sales and marketing automation software, your sales assistant doesn’t bombard your leads with marketing messages and offers; she engages leads in conversation to find out key information such as purchase intent and readiness, best phone numbers to use and the best time to call. And it all happens automatically.

No more wasted leads

Reach out to every single lead right away, regardless of lead volume

Never give up

Continually follow-up with every single lead, with as many touches as it takes to get to yes or no

Just ask

Find out if the lead is truly interested or just wanted the freebie

Free your reps to sell

Automate the time-consuming and manual process of contacting and qualifying leads

Accelerate the sales process

Find the hot leads faster, get more at-bats and close more deals, more quickly

Put the lead in charge

Let leads tell you what they want, when they want, and how they want

Often there’s this tension between the Sales and Marketing departments – Sales says ‘Marketing gives us bad leads’ – but Conversica really helps us quickly get to the good leads and sift out the bad ones.
Dale Warner, Vice President of Sales, BombBomb

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hand-off just the hot leads that are ready to buy now?

You can with Conversica. Conversica’s software application automatically engages your leads by creating two-way email-based conversations, using a custom human persona.

Conversica scales with your lead volume, automatically

BombBomb, a video email marketing service, was struggling to keep up with seasonal spikes in leads, resulting in wasted opportunities. With Conversica, they were able to engage every lead, every time, resulting in 43 percent increase in lead conversion from free trials to paid subscriptions in just six months. See for yourself. Just download their lead engagement case study.

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