2017 was a huge year for us here at Conversica. In addition to expanding the company to more than 190 employees and adding four new members to the management team, we also released a slew of new product features and improvements.

Your feedback has been instrumental to making this happen! Let’s take a look back on the awesome new capabilities released in the last twelve months:


New Dashboard Features

Build Teams in Conversica – Now it’s easier than ever to manage BDR’s, sales reps, and other key sales roles your organization. Group sales reps into together and track team performance with multi-rep reports.

Opportunities Reporting – Measure the value of your AI Assistant with Opportunities Reporting for Salesforce. This feature enables admins to track the number of new opportunities generated by their assistant.

Automotive Service Assistant (ASA) Dashboard – Conversica customers using the Auto Service Assistant now have a completely redesigned dashboard with dedicated service and metrics reporting.


Smarter AI Technology

New Lead Information Updates – Your AI Assistant will automatically extract new names and email addresses from lead responses and alerts the rep of new contact information.

Business Hours & Address – Your AI Assistant just got even more helpful! She can intelligently answer inquiries about your address or hours of operation.

Response Feedback  If you encounter a response that you would’ve liked your assistant to answer differently, we made it easy for you to submit feedback for us to review. You’ll see a link to submit feedback directly from Alerts and the Conversation History in the dashboard. 


Improved Conversation Flexibility

Conversation Editor – Admins now have the capability to customize the AI Assistant’s conversations to create dynamic conversations that speak to their brand.

Spanish Capability – Your AI Assistant is bilingual! In addition to English, the assistant can send and understand messages in Spanish, and switch languages mid-conversation based on the lead’s preference.

SMS Communication Channel – Your AI Assistant can now communicate with leads via email and SMS, even switching channels mid-conversation to best satisfy the needs of the lead.


More Assistant Capabilities

Multiple Assistants – Now you can employ and manage multiple assistants within a single Conversica platform to segment geographic regions or promote different product lines using distinct AI assistant personalized and optimized conversations.

New Assistant Types – Add more assistants to your digital workforce! We’ve added new assistant types to automate business conversations in service, finance, customer success and recruiting.


As we continue to forge full steam ahead into the new year, we can’t wait to share with you upcoming new features and improvements that will help your organization work more productively and uncover even more opportunities. Stay tuned!

What other exciting happenings took place at Conversica last year? Check out our CEO, Alex Terry, provide a brief review of the first-half of 2017: