Dreamforce - All Good News

Dreamforce follow-up: All good news, no bad

We’re just returning from Dreamforce in San Francisco and it was just, well, massive. We were sponsors and were fortunate enough to have enjoyed a very well-received booth and partner theater presentation. But now you know where this is going: We’re facing the classic post-tradeshow good news and bad news. The good news? Many, many conversations with very nice people, resulting in literally thousands of leads for us to follow up on. The bad news? Again, many conversations resulting in thousands of leads for us to follow up on. Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. Finding the needles in the haystack. Out of all those new leads, which were people genuinely interested in the lead engagement products and services we have to offer? How many were simply doing academic research? And, let’s be honest, what chunk stopped by simply because they wanted a pair of our awesome logo’ed earbuds (hint: a big chunk LOL). So what to do? A sales team twice the size of ours still couldn’t follow up with every single one of those leads to ensure we’re working with all the genuinely interested ones. Lead scoring or data mining will yield some well-educated guesses as to which ones are interesting, but in the end those are still just guesses. Do we hope? Do we pray? Do we just resign ourselves to the fact that we’ll inevitably have to miss a ton of opportunities in there? Tough problem.

But we’re actually not worried. Not at all. Because, to paraphrase an old TV commercial, “We’re not only a Conversica provider, we’re also a Conversica customer.”

You see Conversica is an artificial intelligence platform that presents itself as a human sales assistant. Our virtual sales assistant will reach out to every one of those leads – every single one – and engage each of them in a human conversation (believe it or not people really and truly feel as though they’re interacting with a person). Each conversation will drive toward the prospect indicating specifically whether they stopped by the booth because they were interested in our product, or simply because they wanted earbuds. No guessing! No hoping! No praying! Just asking – and receiving genuine answers straight from the prospects’ mouths. Why guess when you can ask?

Marketing gets to know that every single one of those hard-earned leads is being followed up on. Sales gets to know that they’ll be spending their days talking only with people who have themselves raised their hands and said they’d like to talk with that rep. Both are happy because, naturally, this will all lead to more sales. And if that weren’t enough, even the prospects will be happier because they’re being asked what they want, not having a sales pitch being crammed down their throats.

So in reality Dreamforce for us will be nothing but good news. Because we “eat our own dog food” as the saying goes, we’ll be able to help many more future customers benefit from our lead engagement solution than otherwise would have. You can too; if you returned from Dreamforce with a ton of leads (or obtained them by any other means), I highly recommend you let Conversica work its magic for you. Give it a shot – what have you got to lose besides the bad-news blues?

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