Orlando! Las Vegas! Chicago! San Francisco! Seems wherever you go these days, you bump into a Conversican manning a booth, presenting as a subject matter expert, or just doing something goofy or humiliating, all in the name of spreading the AI gospel. That is, getting the word out that AI is real, that AI is here, and that thousands and thousands of sales reps are closing more deals – today – thanks to their artificially-intelligent automated sales assistants.

But there’s no rest for the road-weary; in fact next week Conversica will be hosting or presenting at two events concurrently!

In Washington DC, at the CRM Evolution conference & exhibition, you can visit us at booth 108 and meet our AI virtual assistant in person (or at least as “in person” as an artificial intelligence automated sales assistant can get). You can also catch very happy customer Ben Chaib of the Los Angeles Film School presenting with me on the topic of Lead Conversion Mixology: “7 and 7” is a Good Drink, But Perhaps not the Best Way to Convert Your Leads on Tuesday, May 24, at 10:45 am. Visit us at one or both, and you’ll also be entered to win a free genuine guaranteed-inflammable hoverboard of your very own!

Or perhaps next week you’ll instead be in Nashville, TN, at the SiriusDecisions Summit. No problem! You can visit us there too, at booth 145. And guess what, one of the cool things about artificial intelligence is that it can be anywhere – everywhere – at once so you can meet our artificial intelligence automated sales assistant there too! You’ll be just as amazed as your DC peers, to the point where you just might take one back to the office with you to help boost your lead engagement rates just like those thousands of aforementioned sales reps. And if that’s not incentive enough, stop by anyway because we’ll be giving away a bunch of genuine Android tablets – several during every break – and who wouldn’t want something so cool for so free?

So be it DC or Tennessee, take your pick, but do make a point of visiting us and learning more about how artificial intelligence software can improve your lead engagement today. And who knows, you might get lucky and see us totally pull the humiliating card -–it could happen!