“… And we would have never called him.”

A million-dollar deal. A new marquee customer. A best-month-maker. I cannot tell you how many of our customers’ success stories lead to some amazing result from trying Conversica, and end with a statement like “… and we would have never called him.”

And it makes sense. Think about your sales reps today and how they operate: Even with all the great sales tools out there, for each lead that comes their way they still have to reach out and manually attempt to engage the lead, and determine

  • Are they the right person to talk to, and
  • Is that person truly interested and wanting to talk to them?

And you’re generating what, hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of leads a year – who knows?

It’s excruciating and, more importantly, terribly inconsistent and inaccurate. Because think about it, despite all the money you’re spending on AI software for marketing and sales, you’re still asking a kid who’s – what – maybe 22 or 23, maybe fresh out of college, to disposition and make a decision on the lead. And honestly, how accurate is that? Is it 50% of the time accurate? 65%? The reality is that you don’t know. But what you DO know is that you’re leaving tons of deals on the table.

Stu Schmidt, President of Zend Technologies, tells a terrific “and we would have never called him” story, and you don’t have to read a single word to learn about it because he’ll tell it to you in this super-quick video. Give it a watch, and while you’re watching it, maybe think about all the “him”s you’re not calling today, and all the money you could be making if you were.



To read more about Zend’s success with Conversica, download this case study from our resource center.