Walking the Customer Expo at Dreamforce is a bit like going on adventure. You don’t know what kind of surprises await when you enter the next aisle. Many companies go the extra mile to show their products in creative new ways to draw in and engage attendees. This ranges from decorating their booths with colorful flair or turning their space into an interactive digital center.

Here’s our pick for the best booths at Dreamforce 2017:


Booth 1616

Nothing draws late-night Dreamfest partygoers like the intoxicating scent of freshly brewed coffee. This booth is great for when you need a little wake-up jolt. Or when you’re just hungover.




Booth 300

With its interactive display and lit floor that seemingly moved with you, IBM’s booth was undoubtedly the most technologically advanced at the Expo.



Booth 1318

Big, furry mascot? Check. Giant grid display with moving logos? Check. Need I say more?

G2 Crowd


Alaska Air

Booth 1218

With kiosks enveloped in soft fluffy clouds and a virtual flight simulator that took you through scenic landscapes, Alaska Air’s booth was both inviting and relaxing.

Alaska Air



Just because you’re limited on space, doesn’t mean you can’t show personality. AnsweriQ stands out from the crowd with its awesome decorations showcasing their product mascot.




Booth 1920

We’re taking themes to a whole new level here. Yes, the booth has an ‘Indiana Jones’ look…but have you noticed the matching outfits? Clearly, some appear to be happier than others in this get-up.  Nonetheless, it’s a memorable look!

booth babes


Want to see more cool booths? It’s not too late…Thursday is the last day of the Dreamforce Customer Expo. Hours will be from 10AM-2PM. Learn more at https://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/expo/