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Winners of the AI Assistant of the Year Video Contest!

In celebration and support of National Administrative Professional Week (April 24-28th), we challenged our current customers all to come up with a creative video to express how your AI Assistant is the BEST assistant…and we were delighted with all the submitted entries!  Some customers chose to focus on really impressive stats while others enlisted aRead more

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3 Reasons Why Your Leads Don’t Convert, Part 3: Personalization

#3 on the list is…Personalization! (Missed the first two? You can go here, and here.) Why is Personalization important? Remember that time when the nice folks at Starbucks whipped up that lightly-iced green tea latte with extra matcha…before you even got to the register? That’s Personalization — when a business can truly recognize your needs asRead more

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Persistence (3)

3 Reasons Why Your Inbound Leads Don’t Convert, Part 2: Persistence

Did you know that one-third of the 538 companies that we secret-shopped did not follow up on our lead inquiry, and out of those who did, two-thirds gave up after one to two tries? Persistence (or a lack of it) is the big factor why leads don’t convert.  The following statistics show the importance ofRead more

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4 Reasons Why Your Inbound Leads Don’t Convert, Part 1: Promptness!

Exponential changes in technology have enabled marketers to automate and scale our demand gen efforts, allowing us to exceed MQL goals in ways that we previously could only dream about — but scaling introduced new complexities and great challenges with our lead management process, which continues to be the biggest obstacle for sales and marketing alignment.

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AI Assistant of the Year Creative Video Contest_V7_040317

Conversica’s AI Assistant of the Year Video Contest

Conversica invites our customers to tell us why their AI-Powered Assistant should win the “2017 AI Assistant of the Year” Video Contest Award!

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Oh the Dollars You Waste! How You Squander Your Marketing Budget and How to Fix It!

“The more you spend in haste, the less effect can be traced, the less facts that are faced, oh, the dollars we waste!” If you aren’t familiar, that’s Dr. Seuss.
The Good Doctor was right, auto dealers spend considerably on marketing and advertising in an effort to grow our business, yet we fail to plan and are often unaware of what we’re actually getting for our money. This is a 90 Day Challenge to get you to focus on the RIGHT metrics: Effective Lead Cost Effective Lead Engagement Rate to get you to wisely spend your marketing and advertising dollars!

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Spring ’17 Sales and Marketing Events: The Definitive Guide

For sales and marketing professionals, Spring Cleaning means this: rolling up your sleeves and cleaning up outdated, inefficient processes, so that you can accelerate your Q2 revenue generation to meet your 2017 goals. We’ve come up with a list of must-attend sales and marketing events that will help you with that plan.

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3 Takeaways from#b2bMx

3 Takeaways for the Modern Marketer from #B2BMX – Part Two

Here are my 3 takeaways from the #B2BMX Conference in Scottsdale in Arizona this year. A lot of great folks, with a lot of informative and inspiring education for marketers looking to catch up with the ever changing marketing technology landscapes.

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3 Takeaways for the Modern Marketer from #B2BMX — Part One

According to Kelvin Gee from Oracle, a “modern marketer” are those who have a customer-centric approach to their marketing, vs product-centric. Here are 3 takeaways from the 2017 B2B Content2Conversion conference that resonates that mindset for marketers in 2017.

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#10Heidi (2)

10 Speakers We LOVE #B2BMX

We don’t use the word LOVE enough. But hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, and we can’t think of a better opportunity to express our enthusiasm for this list of 10 speakers at the B2B/B2C Conference in Scottsdale next week. Hear what they have to say, and who knows, maybe you’ll love to see them at #B2BMX this year too!

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