Conversational AI: More Than Just a ChatBot

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase “conversational AI”? You wouldn’t be alone if you answered, “Chatbots.” Many people think that’s the only application of conversational AI.

However, conversational AI is more than chatbots. Read on to learn what conversational AI really is, how far it’s come in the past decade, and what the newest innovations in conversational AI can do for your business.


What Is Conversational AI?

Some might describe conversational AI as a user interface that mirrors chatting with a real human. That’s a start, but it doesn’t give you the whole picture.

Conversational AI should be able to learn from previous interactions and then make recommendations or take actions based on a lead’s or customer’s history. Additionally, it should be able to understand human responses—if you ask for a demo request, the conversational AI platform should be able to comprehend the request. The conversational AI platform also needs to be able to identify customers based on past transactions. If you’re sending the firm an email about your poor experience with a given product, the platform must be able to find your account within multiple databases and pull up your information.


Conversational AI’s Journey: From Chatbots to Intelligent Conversations

The field of conversational AI has come a long way in the past decade. The innovations that have taken place in the field stem from advances in natural language understanding and natural language generation.  

It took researchers decades to learn how to improve the way AI systems communicate with humans. These systems could hold simple conversations with humans, but it would become evident that after a few turns of the conversation, you were talking to a computer.

Thanks to advances in natural language understanding and natural language generation, AI systems can now have more sophisticated conversations with humans. They possess a deeper understanding of human language and can can quickly respond in a way that’s highly convincing. Some conversational AI platforms perform so well that people talking to them have no idea they’re machines.


How Can Conversational AI Help Your Business?

Conversational AI makes your firm more productive while cutting costs and directing resources to their most efficient uses.

We’ll use the example of marketing. One of the biggest problems in marketing is engaging qualified leads. You don’t want to waste time following up with dead leads; you want to be approachable yet professional, so your leads trust you and are willing to buy your product or service.

A conversational AI solution could automatically send out an email to an interested lead, asking if he or she is interested in more information about a product. Let’s say the lead wants to learn more. In fact, he or she wants to talk to a sales representative to gain a deeper understanding about the product or service. The conversational AI solution would follow up with the lead through email, scheduling an appointment with a sales rep at the lead’s convenience.

What happens if the lead doesn’t answer the first email? The conversational AI platform will send multiple emails to make sure that the lead is still interested. If the lead still doesn’t respond, the platform will stop trying to reach the prospect.

The best conversational AI solutions place an emphasis on conversation. They communicate in a completely natural way so that the lead has no idea he or she is corresponding with a computer.


There’s More to Conversational AI than Just Chatbots

Conversica’s automated sales assistant proves there’s more to conversational AI than just chatbots. With our solution, you can free up your sales representatives to pursue highly qualified leads. Your marketing efforts go further, too—you’re only reaching out to leads that are interested in your product or service.


To learn more about how Conversica increases your sales effectiveness, read our 2017 Sales Effectiveness Report – The 4 Ps of Lead Follow-Up.

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