By Stacy Milman

Trade shows, conferences, and events are a vital channel in an organization’s Marketing strategy. These events provide Marketers and Sales teams with the opportunity to engage new prospects directly, interact with existing customers, and expand brand thought leadership through speaking sessions, analyst meetings, hands-on product demos and, of course, to learn and network with peers. There really is nothing to replace shaking the right hands and building relationships.  

Being an Event Marketer for more than 15 years, I know first-hand the many challenges and headaches that come with planning events from finding new ways to make your brand stand out, making a real, memorable impact and perhaps most importantly for your executive leadership, being able to clearly measure the return on investment. Managing all of the details to execute a successful event from pre-show to post-show can be a really daunting task.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to automate many of the time-consuming tasks associated with event execution such as pre-booking meetings, coordinating on-site demos with salespeople and capturing follow-up requests for information so you could focus on delivering an outstanding end-to-end experience?

Conversica + SummitSync = Event Marketer Heaven

We’re excited to announce our partnership with SummitSync to allow Event Marketers to achieve this, freeing up their time to focus on the areas that can’t be automated – the overall event experience and person-to-person engagement. 

The new partnership combines SummitSync’s proprietary AI for identifying event attendees who are priority prospects with Conversica’s AI platform and Sales AI Assistants to automate qualified lead engagement including pre-event outreach and post-event follow-up. 

How It Works 

SummitSync identifies the most ideal contacts to target for your events by using AI to sort through data and make predictions. Then, the Event AI Assistant powered by Conversica autonomously engages with these leads and prospects over email and text to invite them to meet with your team during the event. Those meetings are then managed through SummitSync’s enterprise platform, which automatically syncs with Salesforce, email, and calendars to schedule, track, and manage meetings. 

The AI Assistant proactively follows up with each attendee post-event to engage with them in a highly personalized way and to help them progress along the customer journey. In this way, AI can improve your post-trade-show communications through persistent follow-up, and enriched lead data. Conversica plus SummitSync enables you to boost engagement, set higher quality meetings with attendees, and significantly increase the overall return on your events.

No Lead Left Behind

Trade shows and conferences provide unique opportunities to engage with a high volume of people. However, it’s critical to identify the right people to engage with. All too often companies end up with a high volume of leads but they struggle to follow up in a timely manner with everyone and to know which prospects are ready to have a conversation.

Your event follow-up effort is extremely important because the value of your trade show interactions can only be measured by post-event engagement and activity. Marketing teams no longer need to spend their valuable time handling cumbersome tasks after events. Instead, our SummitSync and Conversica combined solution brings efficiency to your follow-up processes and gives your teams the time and space to do what they do best—engage customers and win new business. 

More information about the Converisca and SummitSync partnership can be found here