mega demo jam dreamforce 2017

And the winner of Dreamforce 2017 Mega Demo Jam is…

…Conversica! This was such an exciting win for us, we may have jumped around and whooped like a contestant who got called to ‘Come on down!’ on the Price is Right.

I’m not ashamed to admit, there was quite a bit of preparation and practice involved. Even our CMO had a hand at tweaking the lyrics to get the flow just right. All in all, it was incredibly fun for the Conversica team to work together on educating and engaging the audience in a fun and memorable way.


Go Time

Simmy Kaur started the demo with a purposely boring introduction. Then, AJ burst onto the stage, followed by Ryan Geronimo and Sophie Stanley on back up. With sick beats (I think that’s the term kids use these days), AJ rapped about the Conversica AI Sales Assistant, “Jenny.”

What can the Conversica AI assistant do? Well, she takes care of the grunt work that’s concerning you.

Okay, I’ll stop now.


What is a Demo Jam?

Demo Jams are live events where Salesforce AppExchange partners showcase their app in a three-minute demo. It’s a great opportunity for vendors to introduce their products and drive engagement in the Salesforce community.

Typically, four to six AppExchange partners are asked to present their app, either at an event or a webinar. The catch? In addition to the demo being 3 minutes max, it must be live. So, no PowerPoint slides and no videos. At the end, the audience votes on their favorite demo, and the winner gets an awesome trophy and bragging rights!


Watch the Jam

You can see the entire Mega Demo Jam in the two videos below (there were some technical issues recording):

Thanks so much to everyone who attended and voted at this year’s Mega Demo Jam at Dreamforce!

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