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How people feel about Artificial Intelligence – as featured on ABC7

What does the average person have to say when it comes to Artificial Intelligence? ABC7 asked this question to Conversica CEO, Alex Terry, in a recent news segment on the fears and expectations Americans have about AI technology. 

Alex shared findings from our nationwide poll, that:

  • 72% of Americans are already using AI
  • 57% believe that AI will help them improve their lives
  • 68% of San Franciscans are concerned that AI will replace them at their jobs

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a very broad topic and refers to a collection of technologies that enable machines to solve problems, make decisions, or perform tasks that are typically easy for humans, but are difficult for computers.

At Conversica, we focus on a specific field of artificial intelligence – Conversational AI – which enables businesses to use an AI Assistant to have back-and-forth conversations with people. To date, our AI has reached out to 50 million people, translating roughly to 1 in 5 Americans. Chances are, you’ve had a conversation with a Conversica AI Assistant and not even have known it!

What are some other applications of AI in everyday use? If you have ever browsed show recommendations from Netflix, asked Alexa or Siri any questions, or used Waze or Google Maps to find the best possible route to get to your destination, you’ve already used technology enhanced by artificial intelligence.  

People are more optimistic about the future of AI, while some are a little more paranoid about AI. Alex states, “People are right to be a little nervous and skeptical. Technology changes all the time. Jobs fifty years ago were very different from jobs today – and jobs will be different in twenty years or fifty years from now. It’s natural to want to understand how this technology revolution will impact you and your children.”

In our study, we also took a look at regional perspectives about AI in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. One of the striking observations was how similar people in these cities were in terms of feeling optimistic about AI. One difference we noted, however, was that fewer people in NY knew what AI was, compared with people in San Francisco. This isn’t too surprising, given that San Francisco is arguably the heart of Silicon Valley and a major hub for innovative technology. 

Is there a digital divide here, where some people are quick to embrace AI technology while others get left behind? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below. 


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