The ability to engage service customers – and keep them engaged – is critical to a dealership’s revenue and, even more important, its ability to retain those customers through to the next buying cycle. And that buying cycle is worth a lot more than just one or two cars; according to Carl Sewell, every customer is worth $517,000 over their lifetime. And NADA’s December 2015 stats report that, while the average new car sale yielded 3.58% gross, the average service yielded 72%. So it’s clearly worth the effort.

But contacting and engaging service customers takes time, effort and close monitoring, and that’s just not possible for the typical service team when there are hundreds or thousands of customers to work.

Whereas a typical salesperson might see two or three customers per day, a typical service person may see fifteen or twenty. Similarly, the typical service department receives far more phone calls than does the sales department. The service manager’s main obstacle is time – there’s just never enough – so not surprisingly, good opportunities get dropped. But now you can leave that engagement process to Conversica, freeing your service people to do what they do best – provide excellent service.

Because of the time constraints, the typical service advisor, assistant or Business Development Center may send a handful of emails or place a few phone calls to a potential service customer before moving on. In contrast, Conversica’s® Artificial Intelligence-based service assistant engages potential service customers in natural, two-way human conversations, and continues to engage and nurture them until they either express interest or specifically opt-out – which could be in one day, a few months or even a year. The automated assistant in our automotive service software tirelessly keeps customers tied to the dealership throughout the ownership cycle.

With artificial intelligence for service, Conversica can also deliver valuable information about potential service customers to your service department. With details from the AI conversation, your advisors will be prepared to engage each customer when, where and how that person prefers. Best of all, Conversica always engages, always responds and always ensures your service team has followed up with every customer that demonstrates interest.

A Conversica® automotive service software easily and effectively handles many situations such as:

  • Engaging leads in real time as they come in through website service tab
  • Engaging new car buyers to make their first service appointment
  • Engaging new car buyers later who have never scheduled a service
  • Reengaging customers who have been in for service but not returned
  • Following up to gauge customer satisfaction after a service visit

If your dealership depends upon service customers for revenue and future car sales, Conversica will increase your ROI on each one. That’s because the Conversica® automated service assistant is always persistent, always polite, never has a bad day or gets sick, and – best of all – hands over service customers at the very time they are ready to engage so your service people can focus on providing excellent service instead of chasing dead leads.

If you’ll be at the NADA convention this week, come visit us at booth 3843C, in the Central Hall right next to restaurant seating and “Wow Factor” entertainment. We’ll be showing off the new automotive lead management software, as well as our already-beloved automated sales assistant. We’d love to see you there.