Maybe you can never have too many leads.

But you can have too many leads to pursue them all effectively.

Following up on leads requires qualification, prioritization, and personalization. You must engage leads repeatedly, providing each with information that is timely and relevant.

Given how much time they must spend on each lead, sales development representatives (SDRs) often have too many leads to effectively follow up on every opportunity.

Common problems include:

  • Not collecting enough information
  • Taking on too much work

Meanwhile, time-intensive, repetitive tasks can drain energy from your SDRs and sap their enthusiasm, causing significant employee churn.

Challenged by such constraints of time and resources, companies traditionally have relied on lead scoring to identify and pursue only the most promising opportunities, leaving the rest to automated lead nurturing.

This strategy itself is costly, though, because the bulk of leads do not get the individualized attention they need to come to fruition, thus leaving potential revenue untapped.

But you don’t have to settle for a leaky sales funnel. You can use technology to plug holes, ensuring that every lead gets the attention it needs.

You will make fewer mistakes with an artificial intelligence email assistant that enables you to contact every lead, every time they need to be contacted.

Automate Workflows

An AI email assistant does not just automate the sales process. It applies machine learning to increase the quantity and quality of leads to sales. Virtual assistants engage leads with native language emails, analyze response emails for intent, and alert the user to next steps to take with the prospect.

Respond in Real Time

An AI email assistant doesn’t sleep. It responds to a lead regardless of the time of day. Knowing when leads are most likely to respond, it will contact them accordingly.

Engage Prospects

With an AI email assistant, leads are contacted in a timely manner and a friendly, conversational style. Prospects like it because it quickly connects them to a sales representative.

Segment Leads

AI lets you segment audiences around their specific needs more efficiently than humans, according to a Forbes article on how artificial intelligence will shape the email marketing landscape. So you can send audiences relevant information when they are most likely to engage with that content.

Personalize Content

Eighty percent of marketers say that personalized content is more effective than “unpersonalized,” according to a content personalization report from Demand Metric. An AI assistant can create one-on-one personalized emails by mapping a lead’s website visits and email history to your content, according to a Content Marketing Institute blog post on ways marketers use artificial intelligence.

Increase Productivity

AI technologies can increase labor productivity by as much as 40 percent, according to Accenture research on how AI boosts industry profits and innovation. An AI email assistant frees SDRs and sales reps to focus on building relationships by doing the laborious work they don’t have time to do, alerting them only when a prospect has responded.

Auto-Schedule Meetings

Infusionsoft notes that virtual email assistants can help you boost revenue by scheduling meetings for your sales representatives. Not only can an assistant match available times on your calendar, but it also can learn your sales representatives’ preferences for meeting days and times, thus potentially increasing their effectiveness.

Keep Leads Fresh

Sales reps are more likely to succeed when they know which lead to contact. An AI email assistant can help you identify which leads are most likely to convert to sales by using machine learning to identify patterns based on behaviors such as signing up for trials or downloading e-books, according to a Salesforce article on why AI will be your new best friend in sales. Then you can stay on top of the most promising leads more easily.

Don’t repeat failures by depending on people and processes that are strained beyond their capacities. Improve marketing and increase lead quality passed to sales by using an AI email assistant to make fewer mistakes.

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