The relationship between Sales and Marketing, much like any other relationship, can be challenging. That said, it’s undeniable that the partnership between Sales and Marketing is critical. It’s one of the most important relationships for driving success within a company.

A lack of alignment in the Sales and Marketing relationship can result in missed opportunities and decreased revenue. So how can organizations improve the relationship between Sales and Marketing teams? It starts with more communication, collaboration and shared accountability. Solutions based on AI technology can also contribute to bringing all these necessary elements together and make these relationships better.

New Sales and Marketing alignment eBook available

We recently conducted a survey of more than 100 Sales and Marketing professionals across the country revealed that the vast majority – 87% of Sales and 93% of Marketing professionals – say their relationship is “very important.” And now we have a new eBook available that pulls together many of the insights from this study while also giving recommendations on how technology can help Sales & Marketing teams improve their relationship. Some insights from HubSpot are also included in our eBook.

Some of the points covered in our new eBook “Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide: Key Insights to Drive Alignment” include:

  • How Sales and Marketing perceive their relationship
  • Sales and Marketing major pain points
  • What solutions our research suggests for bridging theSales and Marketing divide
  • How AI Assistants or artificial intelligence can help strengthen the Sales and Marketing relationship

Can Sales and Marketing become a perfect pair?

Everyone knows that the Sales and Marketing relationship is critical to an organization’s success. The majority of working Sales and Marketing professionals feel that their relationship needs to be improved.

Where can companies go from here? How can they create more cohesion between Sales and Marketing departments?

With Sales and Marketing being so critical to the growth and revenue of organizations, these issues can have a big impact on both organizational culture and the bottom line.  Sales and Marketing professionals surveyed described their Sales & Marketing relationship as ranging from tense but workable, to dysfunctional.

But there’s hope for this critical business relationship… 

Sales and Marketing professionals both play key roles in driving success within a company and the Sales and Marketing process has to align to increase revenue and take full advantage of all opportunities. Giving these teams the tools they need to gain more insights and improve their relationship can make each of their jobs much easier.

Download our new eBook now to learn how to drive your Sales and Marketing teams into perfect alignment.