This year’s OpsStars is wrapped and finished, and what a great conference it was!

We want to thank everyone who joined us in San Francisco during what was a fabulous week of activities — starting with our Conversica Customer Dinner where we wined and dined our valued customers in an elegant speakeasy-style venue.


Next, we hosted prospects and customers alike in our Conversica Tap Room at OpsStars, serving refreshing demos of our Conversica Sales AI Assistants, alongside icy cold beer and pretzels.

It was a delight to meet with so many Operations superstars across Sales, Marketing, Revenue and Customer Success!

In the spirit of celebration and appreciation this Thanksgiving week, we’d like to share some quotes from our customers about what they look forward to at events like Dreamforce, OpsStars, and the Conversica Customer Dinner. Some customers also had some points to share about why they choose to use Intelligent Virtual Assistants for customer engagement, such as the Conversica Sales AI Assistant.

James Brown, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Anomali

Brown’s team at Anomali has been using Conversica for a year and a half to touch inbound leads and re-engage leads who, for whatever reason, never became Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

“Why wait for them to become an MQL which is an arbitrary line in the sand?” Brown says. “Just capture them right away to ask ‘Are you interested? Do you want to talk to somebody?’ and get them in front of an SDR right away.”

“In terms of our technology stack, Conversica has been one of our more impressive and valuable pieces,” Brown says.

Adam Wooley, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Housecall Pro

“I’m looking forward to seeing the latest technology trends in Sales Ops and Marketing Ops at OpsStars this year,” Wooley says.

“[I attended the Conversica customer dinner because it’s] super useful to meet with the executive team and other customers to see how they are using the technology,” Wooley says.

While Housecall Pro has only been using Conversica for a few months, Wooley was a customer of the Conversica Sales AI Assistant at a previous employer and Conversica customer Prezi and is very confident in its capabilities.

Housecall Pro primarily uses its Conversica Sales AI Assistant to re-engage leads who were worked a long time ago in an attempt to get them to come back. “That was the most obvious low-hanging fruit for hiring an AI Assistant,” Wooley says. The Marketing and Sales teams at Housecall Pro also use the Conversica Sales AI Assistant to follow up and reschedule with event attendees who pre-booked a demo but never showed up.

Mark Kosoglow, Vice President of Sales at Outreach

“For us, this is our fifth Dreamforce,” Kosoglow says. “This year we are doing OpsStars, Dreamforce, Sales Enablement Soirée and our own event too.”

Kosoglow says he likes these events because it gives him a chance to build relationships and meet people he’s only talked to over the phone.

About Conversica, Kosoglow says, “You guys are great partners.”

Jillian Marguette, Senior Demand Gen and Marketing Ops Manager at Trifacta

Marguette has been a Conversica customer since 2017 and manages the Conversica Sales AI Assistant integration at her company.

“I have my [Sales AI] Assistant Sarah Martin. Everybody loves her,” Marguette says. “Actually, my CEO just recently posted on LinkedIn congratulating her.”

Finally, our own CMO Rashmi Vittal spoke on the Women in Revenue Panel during the first-day reception at OpsStars where she and the other panelists shared their thoughts on advancing one’s career in Operations.

Conversica CMO Rashmi Vittal OpsStars

During the discussion, the panelists were asked to share a piece of advice they would offer their younger selves. So, to wrap up this blog post, here is Vittal’s answer. May it inspire you as we close out 2019 and start a brand new decade:

Rashmi Vittal, Chief Marketing Officer at Conversica

“Dream it: Allow yourself to think big and without limitations. This is your chance to be bold and challenge yourself to reach new heights.

Believe it: Visualize what form your dream might actually take in the real world. And trust in yourself and your idea. How else can you move forward unless you have confidence in your vision?

Embrace it: Putting your plan in motion is a lot like completing a puzzle. It starts with planning. As you work through the challenge, the pieces start to fall in place. Find thoughtful people who can support you and advise you along the way.

Do it: Commit to yourself and your future. Doubts are natural, but don’t let yourself fall into the trap of telling yourself you can’t do it. You can if you commit.”

Looking to meet with the Conversica team? Visit the Events page to see when and where Conversica will be next.

Or Request a Demo of our Conversica Sales AI Assistant and explore what Intelligent Virtual Assistants for customer engagement can do for you and your business!