Thank you NADA100 for such an awesome week! Here are the highlights:



We’re almost finished setting up! Don’t trip on the toolbox!



This year’s promotion? A free Yeti tumbler for every demo request!



Twenty of our eager team members (aren’t they a good looking bunch?) were onsite through the weekend to educate dealers, meet with current customers and partners, and demo our product to over 150 attendees!


We kicked off the day with the second annual meeting of our Dealer Advisory Council, attended by members of our executive team. We were happy to hear a lot of feedback from dealers that complimentary to our service and supportive of our product road map.



Here’s a midday shot. Everyone is very eager to understand what AI means for their business in 2017…



…And we were even more eager to help.



Changes happen FAST when you’re dealing with technology. We love picking the brains of thought leaders in our industry. Here is our Sr. Director, Head of Product Marketing – Gary Gerber, interviewing Jim Flint, from Local Search Group, to hear his thoughts about NADA100 and what has changed in the last 100 years. Jim is absolutely right, technology really does double itself in capabilities every 18 months. Are you out there gaining the knowledge to stay ahead of the curve? If you’re not, you know that your competitors are! Thanks Jim for the great interview.



The day culminated with the annual AWA automotive marketing technology awards ceremony at which we were again honored with an award, this time for our Automotive Service Assistant. As you may recall, we won an award last year for our Sales Assistant.  We’re going to aim for a trifecta next year!