eBook from Conversica - Starting a Dialogue using lead engagement software powered by AI

How to bring prospects into two-way conversations with lead engagement software

Read Conversica’s latest eBook, Starting a dialogue: bring prospects into two-way conversations with lead engagement software.

One of the most important functions of your marketing team is getting the word out about your product or solution. You rely on marketing to develop effective campaigns, identify your customer base, and creating interest. With automated tools for managing email and social media outreach, marketers are more effective than ever at generating leads.

But then what? The next steps a company takes will make the difference between a sales breakthrough and a communication breakdown. Getting your leads talking back to you is crucial, but the sheer number of leads you get sometimes makes this impossible. You want your sales team to help customers, not talk to voicemail.

The truth is, sometimes the tools that make broadcasting a message simpler make engaging leads harder. In a Baylor University study, more than 70% of sales calls were never answered. And according to a MailChimp survey, close to 80% of marketing emails are never opened. There’s just too much talking at customers, with not enough opportunity for real prospects to respond.

In Starting a dialogue, learn about:

  • The obstacles to making contact with customers and how to overcome them
  • The importance of two-way communication and how automated lead engagement can help
  • The causes of sales rep burnout and how to prevent it
  • The limitations of lead scoring and how to avoid them

Drawing customers into a dialogue takes time, persistence and good listening. It’s a non-negotiable sales task that has to be done customer by customer, treating each prospect as an individual. Our “Starting a dialogue” eBook explains how an AI virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, can handle this function without burnout, without the cost of additional staff and without sick days or vacations.

No matter how you got your leads—tradeshows, email campaigns, or purchasing them outright—they represent a significant investment of time and money. The more you invest, the more important it is that no lead gets left behind.

To learn more, download the free e-book Starting a dialogue: bring prospects into two-way conversations with lead engagement software now.

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