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Hyatt O'Hare

You’re summoned… to the AA-ISP Leadership Summit

The 8th Annual AA-ISP Leadership Summit – the premier place to get the inside scoop on everything inside sales – is right around the corner, and you can bet Conversica will be there big time.

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Now really, would Marc Benioff lie to you?

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff recently stated, “We’re in an AI spring. I think for every company, the revolution in data science will fundamentally change how we run our business because we’re going to have computers aiding us in how we’re interacting with our customers.” He’s spot on except for one thing…

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3 Best Practices You Can Do Now to Build a Top Sales Team

In a recent AA-ISP webcast entitled “Hot or Cold – How Top Performing Sales Teams Keep Finding Gold”, Conversica’s Erroin Martin shared best practices for building and nurturing a top inside sales team. Read his top 3 tips you can implement now, and access the full webcast recording.

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Conversica partners with the AA-ISP

Joining the AA-ISP and helping advance the profession of inside sales

Earlier today we announced a major sponsorship of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). This organization was founded to help advance the art and science of inside sales, which is a cause we strongly support at Conversica.

With some 9,000 members representing 4,000 different companies, the organization is doing admirable work in bringing together the brightest minds in sales, sharing best practices, answering questions and generally helping to advance the careers of its members.

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