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Guest blog: Killer AI and Lovable Robots: Test Your AI Film Knowledge

Welcome to our guest blog, courtesy of Kim Honjo of Salesforce: Humans have had a fascination with artificial intelligence (AI) for longer than you probably realize. While the term ‘artificial intelligence’ is relatively new, the concept of non-humans or artificial creatures coming to life traces back to Greek mythology and even earlier. By the 19thRead more

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The Dreamforce ULTIMATE Guide to SWAG!

Every year approximately seven squillion people flock to Dreamforce and, in an unofficial (okay, fine, imaginary) survey, people were asked, “what are your primary reasons for attending?” The top answers were as follows: The SWAG, The SWAG, The SWAG, The SWAG, and The opportunity to better myself and my organization via information gathering and intense

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Children playing with wooden toys

Conversica and Salesforce Einstein together: AI on the frontend and the backend

Well folks I have to tell you, it’s very exciting to see as big a kahuna as Salesforce agreeing with us that Artificial Intelligence – AI – is the way of the future for Sales and Marketing teams. It just makes sense. After all, Conversica’s been empowering sales teams for years via AI on the

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Dreamforce: Your favorite Cherry Pickers return as… nah, it’s a surprise!

Last year’s Dreamforce was a banner event for the Conversica team. Dressed as friendly Cherry Pickers (because your Conversica AI sales assistant helps you cherry pick the hot leads from your funnel – wink, wink – get it?), we had a ton of fun, educated many people who subsequently became happy customers, and got

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Dreamforce survey

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

When Freddy Fender crooned his classic ballad “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights,” I’m pretty sure he was not referring to sub-optimal lead management. But who knows, if the results of our exclusive survey of Dreamforce attendees had been around back then, maybe he would have been.

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Dreamforce - All Good News

Dreamforce follow-up: All good news, no bad

Drowning in a Dreamforce deluge (of leads)? It’s a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. We’re not worried because we have artificial intelligence on our side. Read on to learn how you can too!

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