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Lead Follow-Up Success: Findings from the 2016 Sales Effectiveness Report

Sales leads are the lifeblood of any business – after all it’s tough to sell your product or service without having people to sell it to. So it’s important that businesses are working as effectively as possible to leverage their sales leads. But are they?

That’s the question we set out to answer in our 2016 Sales Effectiveness Report on Lead Follow-up. This year, we tested 538 companies across nine industries to see what happens when research meets the real world. The results were both fascinating and alarming, and led to what we’re calling the 1, 2, 3s of Missed Opportunity…

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Conversica is coming to the 2016 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit!
Time to get fabulous with sales and marketing!


5 Must-See Events at the 2016 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

It’s almost here! The 2016 CEB Sales and Marking Summit (Oct 18-20th) will be in Las Vegas next week and we have the scoop on which events you don’t want to miss. Tell us your needs, and we’ll show you the way… 1. You want more content, but you want to do it the right

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You can’t afford to miss the upcoming webinar: Best Practices for Generating, Managing, and Leveraging Your Hard-Earned Leads

Most organizations spend substantial resources obtaining sales leads. That amounts to a lot of dollars and a lot of time spent on something that is critical to the organization’s success. And yet… how much of that spend is actually guided by best practices? Perhaps more to the point, do most organizations even know what those best practices are? Does yours? Now’s your chance to find out.

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If your dealership depends upon service customers for revenue and future car sales, how many of them are you really engaging successfully?

The ability to engage service customers is critical to a dealership’s revenue and, even more important, its ability to retain those customers through to the next buying cycle. But that takes time most service teams simply don’t have. Conversica to the rescue! Our new auto service assistant takes over that engagement process, freeing service people to do what they do best – provide excellent service.

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Don’t worry, be happy

Bill Goulette, Boch Automotive’s Corporate BDC Director, is one very happy fellow. And who can blame him? Wouldn’t you be happy if you were suddenly banking 60 additional deals in a month? Wouldn’t the ability to objectively compare your lead sources fill your heart with glee? Well of course they would…

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The automotive Internet Department, Part 2: The internal struggle to effectively handle leads

Technology (read CRM’s) have allowed us to be blinded and secure in the notion that our interactions are completely satisfying our leads’ requests. But getting there first does not solve getting there right.

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The Four Ps of Lead Follow-Up: Findings from the 2015 Sales Effectiveness Report

There’s a lot of research on how to best manage sales leads, but how many companies effectively put best practices into action? We tested 327 companies across nine industries to see how well they did against four key factors, which we call the Four Ps: promptness, persistence, personalization and performance, and then published a full research report. The findings may surprise you.

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LA Film School gives thanks – for 33% better lead engagement!

Thanksgiving is almost here, and most of us have a lot to be thankful for. Friends, family, food… And of course the tools that make our businesses better. And anything that makes our business 33% better is nothing to cluck at…

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Oops, duh

“… And we would have never called him.”

A million-dollar deal. A new marquee customer. A best-month-maker. I cannot tell you how many of our customers’ success stories lead to some amazing result from trying Conversica, and end with a statement like “… and we would have never called him.”

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eBook from Conversica - Starting a Dialogue using lead engagement software powered by AI

How to bring prospects into two-way conversations with lead engagement software

Read Conversica’s latest e-book, Starting a dialogue: bring prospects into two-way conversations with lead engagement software. Sales reps today have been liberated from much of the manual labor involved in lead generation. Automated outreach and demand-generation campaigns can produce a high volume of leads with little effort. But what happens when an automatic lead generation system hands off this bundle of contacts to a human sales rep? Learn how lead engagement software can match the volume of your marketing efforts by prompting your leads to talk back.

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