The Dreamforce ULTIMATE Guide to SWAG!

Every year approximately seven squillion people flock to Dreamforce and, in an unofficial (okay, fine, imaginary) survey, people were asked, “what are your primary reasons for attending?” The top answers were as follows:

  1. The SWAG,
  2. The SWAG,
  3. The SWAG,
  4. The SWAG, and
  5. The opportunity to better myself and my organization via information gathering and intense discussion.

A close honorable mention was “the tzatzikis.”

Well here at Conversica we believe firmly in giving the people what they want. And what they want is… the Dreamforce Ultimate Guide to SWAG. Not the Penultimate Guide. Not the Really Nice Guide. The ULTIMATE Guide. All the SWAG worth snagging, listed on a smartphone near you. Check it now, and keep checking it since the list keeps growing every day.

The other thing they want is a way to find the golden nuggets in their sales leads. And we’ve got that too! Visit our gold mine at booth 124 and we’ll show you how to do just that using our AI-powered automated sales assistant. You’ll find thar’s gold in them thar leads.

And there’s more!

So come for the SWAG – all of it! – and stay to learn how AI is revolutionizing business for your competitors today… And how you can turn your leads to gold too!

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