It’s the same old story…

At the beginning of 2016, your team finalized a blueprint that would exponentially increase your inbound leads throughout the year. All hands have been on deck to ramp up your lead count with with new trade shows, digital ads, eBooks, blogs, whitepapers, webinars, and videos.

As the year winds down, your efforts seem to be paying off — inbound lead numbers have seen a threefold increase compared to 2015! The blueprint worked.

But what about sales results?

You check the lead conversion results and…uh-oh…decide that it’s not yet time for a big toast. There seems to be a big divide between the improvements seen with your lead generation and your actual lead conversion rate.

Why did this happen?

Sales effectiveness has many elements, but one of the biggest determining factors is lead management. What does it look like when done well? When done poorly?

This is exactly what we set out to investigate in our latest 2016 edition of Sales Effectiveness Report on Lead Follow-Up. After researching 538 companies across 9 industries see how companies are managing their inbound leads, we found numbers that may come as a surprise.

Did you know that a third of companies completely ignore their inbound leads? Or that two-thirds simply give up after two or fewer attempts to reach them?

It’s true! And it could be happening at your company!

To see how your company compares, or to avoid the costly effects of ineffective lead management, join our VP of Sales Erroin Martin and Sr. Director of Product Marketing Gary Gerber, in a webinar moderated by our CMO Carl Landers, as they present the report findings and explain what practices are strong predictors of success or failure with inbound leads.

Register now for our our webinar on December 15th, 2016 between 11am-12pm PST!