What Our Customers Say, Volume 5

What Our Customers Say, Vol. 5

What do our customers have to say about the Conversica solution? Check out recent reviews left by our current customers on app review sites such as Salesforce AppExchange, G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, and more. Note – none of these reviews were edited in any way, nor did customers receive any compensation for their feedback.

Overall Satisfaction with Conversica Support: 10

Our Customer Success Team is the best team of all vendors. We continue to have regularly scheduled meetings and they offer new ideas for ways to use Conversica and as we have new people added to the team they train them.

Use Cases and Deployment Scope:
Conversica is being used to follow up on leads from web site downloads, events, webinars and content syndicators. It is also being used to re-engage with prospects that we had in the funnel, lost the deal and may be coming up for renewal. Conversica follows up with the prospect and passes the leads to our outbound demand generation team for further follow up. We have several people that engage with Conversica and come to our data centers asking to meet our virtual assistant.

Pros and Cons:
+ Conversica is persistent, professional and polite. She is always very responsive and pleasant regardless of how many times she attempts to engage with someone.
+ Conversica is better than a sales rep at updating Salesforce! She documents all activity and if someone is out of office she documents when they will return to continue her pursuit!
+ Conversica ensures that our sales reps do their job! Once a “hot lead” has been passed to a sales rep she will follow up with the prospect to ensure sales reached out to them.
+ Conversica CSM team is the most responsive and helpful CSM team of all ur vendors. We continue to gain value from our conversations and meet on a regular basis.
– We are looking forward to additional conversations with Customer Service and possibly Accounting and Chat.

Impact on Scale:
Conversica has enabled us to use our sales team more effectively. Our sales organization did not follow-up on people visiting the web site and downloading content, event attendees or webinar attendees and these leads did not have any engagement. Now that we have Conversica we are able to engage with everyone via email. This is the preferred method of engagement for our target audience so it works well for us. Overall, the cost of Conversica is significantly less than hiring a sales person and it is more efficient.

Impact on Engagement:
We have seen higher engagement rates with Conversica. I believe the brief, direct, polite conversation is better than a long email also, I believe that when she responds quickly it increases engagement because the person is available at their computer. We have changed our nurture campaigns to a format similar to the Conversica emails and we have see an increase in engagement with nurture as well.

Return on Investment:
We have only had a positive impact on ROI because we are able to engage with more prospects. There has not been any negative impact. Customers that prefer not to engage with anyone other than their Account Manager are submitted to a suppression list and do not receive Conversica follow-up.

Alternatives Considered:
We have not worked with any other AI sales assistant tools. We are happy with our relationship and results so there is no reason to change.

Other Software Used:

Likelihood to Recommend:
Conversica is best suited for organizations that require additional sales follow-up for “suspects”, people that have shown interest in the products and services but they are not fully engaged. It is very effective for web site downloads, events, webinars and content syndication follow-up. We have had to suppress some existing customers that do not want to be contacted by anyone other than their assigned account manager. I’m sure that every company will have some people that will not appreciate the persistence but for the most part it is required to engage with the prospects.

— Joanne Delangie, Flexential (TrustRadius)


We currently use Conversica to leverage our existing lead data to connect and qualify interest for a program or university. This technology has allowed us to increase the frequency and further customize 1:1 email communication. We are currently in the process of implementing this technology to all partners and expand Conversica’s impact on conversion or lead flow.

Pros and Cons:
+ The AI assistant starts sending short, personalized emails to latent leads in drip format that allows the system to test and adjust the frequency and message structure. As it learns, it increases frequency according to the leads’ behavior.
+ The AI assistant is able to bridge the gap between Enrollment Advisor and potential student by providing none promotional that provides a soft touch point for reengagement.
+ Conversica is able to rate leads based on behavior and ensure each potential student gets everything they needed.
– We would like to see functionality to customize how many times a single lead will be emailed in its lifespan. Being that there are sometimes unique instances this option would be beneficial.
– Reporting is very static with no real opportunity for customization.
Appointment-setting (for calls or meetings) that syncs live with the user’s calendar, to reduce the user’s time coordinating the timing.

Conversica is really good at ensuring the journey of a potential student goes smoothly and I would like to see Conversica used more in different areas of the journey.

— Tiffany Paul-Johnson, Pearson (TrustRadius)


Overall Satisfaction with Conversica
Support: 10

I have worked with both Breanna, Malia, and Derek over the year we have been with Conversica and all 3 have been extremely helpful and responsive when I have a question or an issue. Have had nothing but good experiences working with support.

Use Cases and Deployment Scope:
We are using Conversica to assist us in reaching out to old leads in an attempt to re-engage their interest. This helps our team still focus on the new leads coming in and still we are able to get successful results on running campaigns to older leads. Another way we use Conversica is on canceled accounts to attempt winning back their business. We currently are only using it on the sales side of our business.

Pros and Cons:
+ Conversica does a great job of consistently reaching back out to previous leads. We have seen great success from utilizing this tool over the past year.
+ Conversica also does a great job of setting the table for our sales rep to reach out by trying to confirm the best contact information and introducing the rep prior to the contact attempt on our side.
+ It is very easy to change the conversation and what type of messaging that we want going out to our lists in Conversica.
– Not always getting the correct classification from a response and the prospect gets frustrated – this is to be expected when an AI is responding. We also can give feedback which ultimately helps curve these responses in the end.

Impact on Scale:
We are able to reach out and contact thousands of more times a month since we started implementing Conversica for our business. The biggest difference is that there are no distractions or no other accounts or leads getting in the way of the schedule that Conversica has set to reach out to the lists that we upload.

Impact on Engagement:
We have had multiple instances where a sales rep is reaching out to an account the same time as Conversica and the prospect responds to Conversica rather than the sales rep. We try to use Conversica in conjunction with what we are using for email marketing as well to get more success out of that offer.

Return on Investment:
We have seen a positive ROI over the year with Conversica which is why we are still using it to date and are looking at more ways to implement it.

Likelihood to Recommend:
The best situations we have seen Conversica thrive in is on the win-back campaign with canceled accounts and also on the reengage side with leads that have gone cold over a few months. We have seen much less success trying to utilize this in an outreach way to drum up cold leads.

–Alex Molek, Baystone Media (TrustRadius)


Conversica has changed the way we approach our lead follow-up and has helped us streamline the focus of our sales development team. Conversica’s email cadence is proving more successful than when we were emailing ourselves. This tool allows the team to focus on high touch activities such as calling or LinkedIn messaging, while our assistant readies the inbound leads for our team to connect with. I no longer have to worry about leads sitting untouched, with our Warm Lead conversation, our assistant is ensuring no lead is slipping through the cracks.

We are seeing leads request personalized demos after conversing with our assistant who is keeping our team busy with follow-up, a great problem to have! Our on-boarding and training has been fantastic. Conversica really approaches new clients with white gloves, ensuring we know how to use the tool and that we are driving forward continually making progress. The team is incredibly responsive and addresses any challenges right away. Conversica’s on-boarding is the best I’ve seen. Our account manager Derik is fantastic.

Overall – our SDR team has found incredible value in the tool and we are seeing leads drive to opportunities drive to customers.

— Kristen Bryant, Optima Healthcare Solutions (Salesforce AppExchange)


Conversica is the truth.

What do you like best?
The product itself is fantastic. It has freed up a ton of time for me and my team. We’ve implemented Conversica as a lead retention/follow up system and it has helped us convert deals that would have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

What do you dislike?
I had only one issue, but I wouldn’t say it was a dislike…. Adding a feature that allows you to customize the amount of times any grouping of data points will be contacted would be extremely useful!

Recommendations to others considering the product
Request Marisa M. as your success manager! She’s the best!

*Additional info on price* They have customizeable plans to suit your needs. They are very understanding and will assist in creating a plan for you to achieve the ROI you are looking for!

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Lead retention/follow up. When you leave these two things up to a machine, you can feel at ease knowing that it won’t forget to do something you set it to do.

— Zach Campbell, Fortified Funding (G2 Crowd)


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