We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — we love hearing everything you have to say! As a matter of fact, Conversica just held its third Customer Council for a full day of listening to customer stories, discussing upcoming features, and exchanging ideas on how we can deliver an even better experience.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who attended; it was a great opportunity to hear about your unique use cases and applications of the AI Assistants.

Here’s Conversica Data Scientist, Dr. Sid Reddy, discuss Natural Language Understanding at yesterday’s event:

Sid at Customer Council 2017


In addition to the feedback you provide at Customer Council, we also take stock of the online reviews you post. Here’s what you’ve had to say:

We have a lot of inbound demand of MongoDB. Filtering out who are the most qualified leads at any one point in time is challenging. Conversica’s AI and campaigns were easy to set up and have provided instant value to our team. We are now able to respond to all of our inbound leads in a timely manner and immediately filter the best opportunities to the top of our sales team’s queue.

–  Andrew R., MongoDB (G2Crowd)


Conversica and our assistant has proven that we, the Marketing Department, have been providing good leads all along and that they were getting lost in the shuffle. The sales team is great, but they are busy closing deals and not always being the best at following up on leads, especially EVERY lead. Our assistant never misses a lead and she also re-engages with our current clients to upsell our other product offerings. We now can sleep well knowing that every form fill, tradeshow, event, or purchased lead is ALWAYS being contacted and moved through the funnel.

– Shane A., TAB Bank (G2 Crowd)


Pros: Great product that definitely helped our closing ratios by helping us stay connected with our customers. It’s so easy to use and the support team is always ready and willing to help.

Cons: I don’t know why aren’t more companies utilizing this product.

– Karen F., Carbone Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM (DrivingSales.com)


At AuthorSolutions it is critical that we are able to reach our leads. Conversica has allowed us to reach out and re-engage older leads and bring them back. This has allowed us to penetrate our back list with incredible results.

– Bruce B., AuthorSolutions (Trust Radius)


We’re still relatively new to using Conversica, but we’re now able to proactively begin building relationships with our new customers as they come in the door, and provide our Sales Reps with better targeted follow up. As our customers on-board and move through our customer lifecycle, Conversica is helping us establish account review expectations, and more effectively connect with our existing customers, with the ultimate goal to help drive better retention.

– Shawn L., CallFire (G2 Crowd)


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