Conversica is very happy to announce the grand prize winner of its 2018 AI Assistant of the Year video contest to

Admins are the backbone and unsung heroes of successful organizations. In appreciation and celebration of Administrative Professionals Day on April 25, 2018, we invited customers to submit a fun, creative video on why their AI Assistant should win “Assistant of the Year.”

This year’s winning video featured the Bevi marketing team sharing actual responses to outreach efforts from their AI Assistant, Rachel. Some responses were appreciative of the information she provided, including this one: “Rachel, it was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you for educating me on your great product.”

Other responses were a bit more open to interpretation, such as this: “I would be open to grabbing a coffee sometime and discussing this further.” Did Rachel just get asked out on a date? I’m going to say yes, yes she did. 

Our first-place winner will receive a grand prize trophy and delicious desserts every month for a year, from Harry & David, producer and retailer of premium food and gifts. In addition, they will have bragging rights for having the best AI assistant!

Conversica CMO, Carl Landers, states, “We are proud to recognize our innovative customer Bevi with this year’s AI Assistant of the Year award. We celebrate how our customers are not only solving real business challenges with conversational AI but also telling that story in creative and fun ways. All in all, this video was a great way of showcasing the real-life responses elicited from a Conversica AI Assistant.”

Thank you for participating in our second AI Assistant of the Year Contest; we can’t wait to see your entries for next year!

Be sure to check out this year’s winning video: