Conversica, the leading provider of sales conversion management software for marketing, inside sales and sales organizations, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding project in just two months for less than US$100,000.

Mark A. Bradley the CEO at Conversica, formerly intelligent automation platform, determined that the company needed a new name and brand identity to better reflect the unique attributes of the product as it expands further into the enterprise market, now targeting organizations in the real estate, education, finance and mortgage, insurance and technology verticals.

Driven by artificial intelligence technology, Conversica is the only automated software solution that can contact, engage, nurture, qualify and follow-up with leads without the need for human interaction. A custom persona nurtures leads from interest to sales opportunity via natural, two-way email exchanges and when a lead is ready to purchase, the software alerts the sales representative automatically. Sales teams can finally focus on the leads most likely to convert into opportunities, saving hundreds of hours per year.

“The new branding reflects the software’s unique ability to automatically converse with leads via two-way email exchanges. We’ve captured that in the new name as well as the logo by using two interacting arrows,” said Michael E. Donner, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Conversica. “Because Conversica provides the missing piece of automation in the sales cycle, we have also repositioned the company in a new market segment we are calling sales conversion management.”

Sales conversion management focuses on the most critical stage of the sales cycle – when a lead decides to take action and intends to make a purchase. The Conversica sales conversion management application integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, such as Salesforce, and over time, nurtures and qualifies leads generated with marketing automation systems such as Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua. When interest changes to intent to purchase, the sales conversion management application alerts the sales rep and hands off the hot, prequalified lead to sales for follow up.

As part of the rebranding process, Donner recruited a creative team of designers, copywriters and developers located in Texas; Massachusetts; Maine; California; British Columbia, Canada and Dhaka, Bangladesh. In just a few weeks, the team worked together to redesign and rewrite all existing materials and built and deployed a lead infrastructure using Salesforce as the CRM, Pardot as the marketing automation tool and integrated with Conversica’s own sales conversion management software.

The team developed an entirely new visual identity and a new search-engine-optimized/permission-based marketing website, set up new social media channels and developed a series of comprehensive demand generation and awareness campaigns to current clients and prospects in multiple industries. To fuel the demand generation campaign launch the team developed five new case studies and three white papers, and created a multi-faceted, multi-touch demand generation campaign and product launch campaign centered around Dreamforce ’14, the Salesforce annual user and developer conference. Constant communication and weekly regroup calls kept everyone on track.

“By keeping the team lean and having the CEO and Board making quick approvals, we managed to produce a considerable volume of high-quality work that most likely would have taken six-months and cost significantly more had we chosen to use a typical, big name agency,” said Donner.

Donner is an industry veteran and has more than 20 years of marketing, inside sales and demand generation experience with high-tech companies. Prior to joining intelligent automation platform (now Conversica), he was senior vice president, CMO at cyber security firm Prolexic, a Kennet portfolio company, until Akamai Technologies acquired it for US$370 million earlier this year. Prior to that, Donner ran Competitive Marketing Advantage, a high-tech, full-service demand generation agency.