– At LeadsCon in Las Vegas next week, Conversica will demonstrate its award-winning artificial intelligence platform to lead providers and results-driven marketers at this definitive conference for vertical media, online lead gen and direct-response marketing professionals. Conversica’s technology for intelligent and automated lead outreach, engagement and qualification provides significant benefits to lead consumers by automating prospecting and freeing sales reps to focus on closing business. Lead providers and performance marketers benefit by providing Conversica’s AI virtual sales assistant as a value-added offering for their customers.

LeadsCon attendees are invited to visit Conversica at the conference for a live product demonstration, and a lead aggregator case study is available online.

Conversica helps enterprises and lead aggregators identify the highest quality lead sources and measure lead quality. The Conversica persona automatically contacts, engages, nurtures, qualifies and follows up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations with no human intervention required. In this way, Conversica identifies the hottest leads, tracks the best lead sources, re-engages old leads and enables a higher return on investment (ROI) for leads.

Conversica quickly reaches out to leads, even those that arrive after business hours, ensuring prompt follow-up, consistent messaging and a personal conversation that creates significant competitive advantage for customers that have deployed the platform.

Conversica named Most Innovative Company by LeadsCouncil

Conversica recently received a 2015 Gold LEADER Award for Most Innovative Company from LeadsCouncil. The LEADER awards help organizations that buy online leads or have a need for lead technology services to understand which partners might best suit their needs. Conversica was selected for recognition by its customers and peers. Users of Conversica’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform free up their time to focus on their most important activity: closing new business.

Case study: Insurance lead provider improves lead quality with Conversica

In a related announcement, Conversica has published a case study detailing how its virtual assistant software helps one of the largest insurance lead providers clients increase lead engagement rates to 40 percent and improve lead quality. While the company uses Conversica itself, it also offers Conversica as an add-on service to its insurance agency clients.

The full case study is available for download from Conversica at www.conversica.com/insurance-lead-provider.