Conversica Unveils Powerfully Human™ AI Capabilities That Transform Revenue Teams

During the 1 hour event Conversica announced The Conversica Growth Workforce™—powered by Revenue Digital Assistants™ (RDAs)— a breakthrough growth model where humans and AI work together to strategically distribute workload, supercharging your sales, marketing and CS team’s capacity. Along with the announcement, we unveiled new advancements to Conversation Automation, including: 

Conversica Answers: Enable Conversica RDAs to continuously listen to every exchange—and determine if they can answer any questions without human interaction. By autonomously and accurately answering questions, our RDAs keep the conversation organic and moving toward a revenue-generating event.

Conversica Chat: Completely transform how RDAs engage website visitors in the moment—without a scripted flow—while capturing contact information, cultivating the prospect, and helping existing customers find the support they need. Leave chatbots in the dust with an RDA that delivers the human-like experiences customers want.

Conversica Premium Skills: Take segmentation and personalization to the next level by leveraging third-party account and buyer insights from ABM, CDP, CRM, or CSM platforms. Deliver hyper-personalized messages to better connect with contacts and drive opportunities for your revenue teams.

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