You’ve got a lot of email leads. Maybe even too many. Good job! No worries! Let’s talk about how you make more sales from your hard-won email leads.

Using traditional sales approaches, many email leads never get reached for three reasons. First, sales reps won’t reach out enough times to the leads they are given. Second, they often have incorrect contact details, like bad phone numbers or a number that is screened and not answered. Third, a lot of leads your sales reps reach aren’t the leads who are ready to buy. Buying or generating even more email leads would be a waste of time and money. We can overcome this situation.

Your first thought might be to hire more sales reps to send more emails and make more calls. The problem is new sales reps can take as long as 10 months to come up to speed, so you can’t scale up quickly.

Instead, what if you could give a subset of higher quality leads to your existing sales reps? They’d probably close more deals if they started with leads who were ready to engage in the sales process. It would also help have the best contact details, right?

A virtual sales assistant reaches out to all your email leads

A virtual sales assistant can do all this prep work for your sales team. Artificial intelligence now makes it doable and convenient and cost-effective. Our customers BombBomb (video email software), Spring Venture Group (insurance), The Faulkner Organization (auto dealership group), The Los Angeles Film School (higher education), QuoteWizard (insurance lead provider), and others are using Conversica virtual sales assistant to get better ROI from their email leads. Rather than hiring more sales staff, they use a custom AI persona to reach out to thousands of email leads with friendly and informal messages and two-way conversations that encourage the leads to volunteer information. Our customers see engagement rates as high 50 percent with inbound leads.

Powered by sales technology with artificial intelligence, the virtual sales assistant in our sales lead management software contacts and qualifies each and every email lead for your sales reps, without taking the sales reps’ time. The lead engagement software with AI interprets information communicated by potential buyers individually, collecting data based on their specific desires. When a lead is ready to make contact, the sales rep is prepared to engage them when, where and how that lead prefers.

With Conversica, sales reps focus on selling and closing prequalified leads who are prepared to engage in the sales process, and you get more return on investment from all your email leads.