On the heels of our announcement of partnership and integration with Marketo, I had a chance to speak with Erika Morphy about how artificial intelligence is helping marketers provide betters leads and sellers accelerate the sales process. She summed up the conversation in a great article on Forbes title “Email Marketing Gets New Persona With AI.”

She had the similar “ah-ha!” moment that I see in many people to whom I describe what Conversica’s AI platform does…at first there’s disbelief that AI can carry on a natural, two-way conversation with leads, and then there’s the recognition that this is absolutely the future of lead engagement and qualification. Why? Because for marketers it ensures a consistent and persistent follow up at the top of funnel with all inbound leads, and for sales it takes the drudgery out of following up with all those inbound leads provided by marketing.

I saw a lot of these ah-ha moments in the eyes of marketers last week at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit and am now seeing the same with inside sales leaders this week at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit.