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What measures does Conversica take to ensure that messages clear email provider spam filters and get delivered to recipient inboxes?

Conversica’s strength is in replicating a true human-to-human conversation. By utilizing a system of dynamic messaging, Conversica is able to avoid being targeted as spam based on repetitive content. The Conversica system resolves all spam complaints and bounces. If a lead bounces or marks spam, we immediately discontinue the conversation with the lead. In addition, we utilize third-party email validation software as a preventative measure to email bounces. Conversica has a system of deliverability metrics that we monitor to determine early warning signs for poor lead quality on the lead source and client level.

How is Conversica different from other marketing automation software?

Although both send emails to leads, Conversica is more like a human sales assistant and actively engages and nurtures leads via dynamic two-way conversations, achieving a much higher engagement rate. Conversica’s AI technology for sales and marketing reads each reply and determines if the lead is interested, and if so, it alerts a sales representative. Conversica can gather additional information from a lead, such as the best phone number and best time to call. The entire dialogue is available for the sales rep to review.

How much input do I have on the content of the email conversation?

You know your brand best, and you can have as much or as little involvement as you want in developing the personality and tone of the Conversica persona who will represent your organization.

Why should I choose Conversica instead of hiring another Sales Development Representative (SDR)?

Your Conversica AI assistant is an extremely consistent, personable and tireless worker. She doesn’t get sick and never needs a break. She never gets discouraged, and she improves with each engagement. Your Conversica AI assistant does not take over all activities performed by an SDR but only the more repetitive high-volume interactions with leads.  You can offload repetitive tasks early in the qualification cycle to Conversica, which allows your SDRs to focus on what they are best at, i.e. qualifying deals and scheduling appointments for the sales team.  Conversica helps boost the average productivity of your SDR team and helps you to generate much higher revenue per SDR.

Do I need a CRM integration to use Conversica?

Conversica lead engagement software was designed as a stand-alone platform, so no CRM integration is needed. If you prefer to use Conversica with Salesforce, integration is easy and seamless on the browser-based Salesforce and the mobile Salesforce app. We also offer integrations for many other leading CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot.

How can I ensure my lead nurturing campaigns, inside sales techniques and Conversica messaging don’t conflict?

Conversica learns the cadence that best fits into your sales process and works best to obtain an engagement. Since the conversations are short and to the point, most recipients do not view them as too much communication.

How is Conversica priced?

Conversica is a Software-as-a-Service and is priced by the functionality you need, the types of conversations you want your assistant to utilize and the number of leads you want to communicate with monthly. All of this is nicely packaged into editions to make it easy. See our Pricing page for more detail.

Do you offer a free trial?

Of course! We have a free edition that allows you to add up to 25 leads every month for as long as you want. You get to choose your assistant and your conversation. Sign up now -- no credit card required (because it's free!)

What leads can I give to Conversica?

Conversica can be used on sales and marketing leads that have opted-in to be messaged by you. We comply with CAN-SPAM and CASL regulatory standards.

How do you handle inappropriate or obscene responses?

When we receive an obviously inappropriate email response, such as obscene language, we stop messaging the lead and put the email address on your Do Not Email list.

What laws or regulations govern email communications and the use of Artificial Intelligence?

Many countries have laws or regulations governing email communications. In the United States, the CAN-SPAM law regulates commercial email communication. Each Conversica customer is responsible for ensuring they have permission from their leads to carry on a conversation over email in accordance with local requirements. We are not aware of any specific laws or regulations regarding the use of an AI assistant to create and send emails as opposed to a real person doing so.

What do you do if someone says they don’t want to receive any more emails?

Our AI is able to interpret any number of ways a person might say that they do not want to receive future emails. If we receive a response like that, we stop messaging the person, set an unsubscribe flag in our system and in any connected CRM or marketing automation, as appropriate.

How long does it take the AI to learn a new conversation?

The time it takes for the AI to learn a new conversation depends on how close the questions asked and the context in which they are asked are similar to what has been previously trained. It also depends on the volume of leads in that conversation, with more leads resulting in faster learning. Given that, training a new conversation ranges from a few days to a few weeks. During the training period, the conversation is active and generating responses.

What languages do you support?

Today, Conversica works in English. A continuously growing subset of our AI Assistant’s skills and conversations are available in Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Japanese.  It’s our goal to reach full coverage of all skills and conversations across all languages in the future.

What communication channels does Conversica support?

Today, the Conversica AI assistants engage leads through email.  A continuously growing subset of our AI Assistant’s skills and conversations are also available in the text channel. During email and text exchanges, the assistant often gathers new or updated phone numbers and passes those to the salesperson for follow-up, as well as updates the CRM or marketing automation system. So, while Conversica isn't working the telephone channel, the assistant is gathering and updating telephone info to help salespeople better engage their prospects. It’s our goal to reach full coverage of all skills and conversations across all communication channels in the future.

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