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Get all the benefits of Conversica
for one all-inclusive subscription price

Plans and Pricing

Flexible AI software subscription pricing to meet your business’s needs, today and in the future

Starting at $2,999 per company per month

Most Popular!

Professional Edition

for professionals and beginners

Team Edition

for organizations with modest lead programs

Business Edition

for businesses with sophisticated lead programs

Enterprise Edition

for enterprise

Use Cases* 2 3 4 Tailored to meet your needs
Languages 1 1 2
Communication Channels 1 1 2
AI Assistant Names 1 1 2
One-time setup fee
Integrations** 1 1
Team Management
Conversation Editor
Enhanced Alerting
Custom Use Cases
Custom API Work
Multi-Department Management

*All Editions include a baseline number of leads loaded per month, Anti-SPAM sending domain, and AI Dynamic Conversation Generator.

**Integrates with over 45 CRM and Marketing Automation platforms including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, HubSpot, Velocify, VinSolutions, DealerSocket, and CDK

Sales: Generate more sales faster and at lower cost than hiring an SDR

Save money with an automated sales assistant with artificial intelligence (AI)

More reliable, lower cost

Engage and qualify thousands of leads more reliably and at a fraction of the cost of a sales development rep

The perfect sales assistant

Your automated sales assistant never calls in sick, never gets cranky and never gives up

Less than a new SDR

Compare our subscription to the salary, commissions, benefits and training cost of a new sales development rep

Instantly increase the capacity of your sales team

Qualify thousands of leads

Engage, nurture and qualify a thousand, five thousand or more leads per month

Scalable and flexible

Pick the subscription level that meets your needs today and with scalable flexibility for the future

Part-time and seasonal

Rather than hiring part-time, full-time or seasonal sales help, try an automated sales assistant with artificial intelligence

Marketing: Identify sales-ready leads for marketing ROI

Find out which marketing leads are ready to engage with sales – by asking them

After a tradeshow

Or lead generation campaign, follow up with every single lead, without having to locate additional resources

Fast, timely follow-up

Reach out to all of your marketing leads right away to identify the sales opportunities

Warm and nurturing

Ensure all your marketing leads get one-on-one follow up and nurturing

You spent $20 - $100 to acquire each of your marketing leads. Now put them to work

$1 or less per lead

Nurture and qualify all of your marketing leads for a fraction of lead acquisition cost

Sales-ready leads

Save your company money by identifying which leads are sales opportunities and which leads just wanted your content and freebies

Be the hero

Your sales team will appreciate your delivering much higher quality leads

Put Conversica to work for more sales

Join the thousands of organizations that are boosting their sales, sales productivity, sales opportunities, lead quality and marketing ROI with Conversica.

Call +1 (888) 778 1004, email or request a demo.

Common Questions

Do I need to pay for a year up front?

Yes, Conversica contracts are billed annually by default. Our experience demonstrates that customers who can commit to a full year of using Conversica will be more successful in the long run. In fact many are even more successful than they’d expected as they find more and more innovative ways to leverage their Conversica automated sales assistants.

How do you count “Leads per Month”?

The Conversica edition to which you subscribe will determine the number of new leads you can add to the system per month. But there is no limit to the total number of leads you can be working at any given time. For example, a Growth Edition subscriber might begin engaging up to 2,500 leads in January. Then in February that subscriber could add another 2,500 leads to the system, potentially having as many as 5,000 leads total being worked through February. In March they could add another 2,500, and so on.

What do you mean by New Leads, Old Leads, Upsell, or Win back?

Conversica can help increase your sales by engaging your different types of leads in different, appropriate, ways. For example Conversica can immediately and persistently follow up with new leads as you obtain them. Conversica can be used to reengage your old or “dead” leads that may now be ready to buy but were not when you first obtained them. Conversica can be used to politely but persistently pursue upsell opportunities with your current customers. And Conversica’s lead follow-up and extensive business intelligence can be used to help win back departed customers. The Conversica edition to which you subscribe will determine the number of different ways you can engage.

What do you mean by Analytics?

Conversica “human” conversations with prospects result in unique and powerful analytics for your Sales and Marketing teams. For example Sales management can see how many leads Conversica contacted, and how many leads were interested, had questions or were not interested. Sales performance metrics for specific sales representatives show who has leads at risk, who is falling behind with follow-up and even track lead satisfaction scores by rep. The lead tracking software also lets you see which leads are at risk – so you can intervene in time. Marketing management can compare lead sources based on AI conversations, including engagement rates, sales appointments set and other metrics.

What are Integrations?

Conversica can be directly integrated with a wide variety of popular CRM and Marketing Automation solutions such as Salesforce and Marketo. And although integration is not mandatory (Conversica can work very effectively on its own), its value is amplified when integrated with other platforms.