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The Conversica AI-driven auto service assistant follows up with your customers to maximize automotive service opportunities.

Turn car buyers into lifetime customers

Every car-buying customer is worth more than $500,000 over a lifetime – but only if you keep them engaged. Let your automated service assistant do it for you

Increase ROI on each service customer

The service assistant persistently and politely hands each customer over at the very time they are ready to engage to maximize service revenue opportunities

Free up service staff to provide excellent service

Given service department time constraints, deploying an AI assistant is the most effective way to engage customers because it requires zero manpower

Gather critical
business intelligence

Prospects both respond more readily and share critical information such as phone numbers, best times to call, and intent to service

Keep service staff
aware in real time

Sends hot lead alerts to service staff after identifying interest from email responses

Integrate with
your CRM or DMS

The Conversica automated service assistant can integrate with your current CRM or DMS systems to ensure customers are addressed appropriately and personally

In service, you're always worried about your defection rate, more than anything else – a defection is a hard pill to swallow because that customer was hard-won, and if they walk after the warranty's over, you're probably never going to sell them another car. So we're really looking forward to seeing Conversica's new service product do the same for us as they did for our sales - engage, cultivate and help retain customers that we otherwise just have no good way to stay in touch with. Dayn Riegel, Digital Director at Loganville Ford

Automatically contact and engage service customers with the Conversica automotive service assistant

A human voice with superhuman perseverance

The Conversica auto service assistant is Artificial Intelligence-based software that engages potential service customers in natural, two-way human conversations, and continues to engage and nurture them until they either express interest or specifically opt-out – which could be in one day, a few months or even a year.

Keeps service customers engaged, lets service staff excel

The automated assistant tirelessly keeps customers tied to the dealership throughout the ownership cycle. It is always persistent, always polite, never has a bad day or gets sick, and – best of all – hands over service customers at the very time they are ready to engage so your service people can focus on providing excellent service instead of chasing dead leads.

Covers a broad range of service customer conversations

  • Reach out to new car buyers to make their first service appointment
  • Engage customers who have been in for service but not returned
  • Follow up with customers who came in for a visit but declined recommended service
  • Remind customers about their next recommended service visit
  • Notify customers about factory recalls and advise scheduling an appointment
  • Follow up after service visits to gauge customer satisfaction

If your dealership depends upon service customers for revenue and future car sales, Conversica will increase your ROI on each one.

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