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With Conversica, finance and mortgage firms improve the quality of leads given to loan originators, so sales teams can close more deals. The automated sales assistant, included in the mortgage sales software, helps overwhelmed finance and mortgage sales teams engage – and qualify – every inbound marketing lead. With this mortgage sales software you’ll gain more customers through better lead nurturing, lead tracking, lead conversion and sales rep productivity.

Better lead quality

Discover your most qualified sales opportunities to originate more loans and credit, more quickly

Prioritize leads

Sales reps focus on closing deals not chasing leads, saving hundreds of hours a year

Engage every lead

Our automated sales assistant reaches out to every lead and deepens the connection with a human touch

Integrates with CRM

Integrates easily with Salesforce and other CRM systems used in the financial and mortgage industries

Consistent on-brand communication

AI messages are pre-approved to reflect your brand in every communication

Document every conversation

Email conversations between the AI and each lead are saved and easily viewed as part of each lead record

LeadsCouncil 2015 Gold LEADER Award for Most Innovative Company in the Mortgage category: “This Gold Innovation award is a true testament to the hard work and dedication Conversica has put into creating a great product.” Michael Ferree, Director, LeadsCouncil

Boost sales productivity and performance

Find who’s ready

Our 24x7 automated sales assistant helps finance and mortgage companies engage with prospective borrowers at every step in the lead lifecycle. We’ll help you quickly identify the hot leads that are ready now.

It’s easy to be responsive

Conversica goes beyond typical outbound marketing campaigns to nurture new inbound leads within minutes of their initial inquiry. We’ll help you to maintain engagement with applicants throughout the application process.

Find new gems in old leads

Renew inactive leads with lead nurturing with a human touch. Our automated sales assistant keeps your firm in front of potential borrowers who may not be in the market now, but could be in the future.

Sales insights

Gain unique insights into the performance of your sales team, including feedback on service and sales follow-through.

Let’s start a real conversation

See our AI in action for yourself

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