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Your AI Assistant extends and focuses your sales team, engaging all your leads with personal two-way emails or SMS text messages. Sales agents are automatically notified when a lead is interested and equipped with important information such as best number use, time to call, and what they are looking for.

Identify the hottest leads

Discover your most qualified sales opportunities

Less prospecting

Agents focus on selling policies, saving hundreds of hours a year in prospecting

Engage every lead

Your automated sales assistant reaches out to every lead

Nurture leads

Deepen the connection with potential clients with a human touch

Sales productivity

Increase the number of leads managed by each insurance agent

Sales insights

Gain unique insights into the performance of your sales team

"Conversica is a revolutionary tool to take your company to the next level without hiring any more employees." Robert Thielke, President, Vern Fonk Insurance

Boost sales productivity and performance

Find who’s ready to buy

Your 24x7 virtual sales assistant for brokers and insurance companies engage with prospective customers at every step in the lead lifecycle. The insurance sales software will help you quickly identify the hot leads that are ready to make a purchase decision.

It’s easy to be responsive

Conversica goes beyond typical outbound marketing campaigns to nurture new inbound leads within minutes of their initial inquiry. We’ll help you to maintain engagement with applicants throughout the application process.

Find new gems in old leads

Renew inactive leads with lead nurturing with a human touch. Your automated sales assistant keeps your firm in front of leads who may not be in the market now, but could be in the future.

Stay in touch after the sale

Get feedback on service and sales follow-through to improve your sales operation.

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