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Your automated sales assistant reaches out to all your Internet leads, determines the most productive leads, and alerts an agent to call – sharing what it has learned from the lead, such as the best number to use and best time to call. Conversica’s real estate lead management technology helps real estate agents engage and nurture leads, increase lead conversion and increase closing opportunities.

Prioritize leads

Focus agents on converting leads rather than chasing them

Engage every lead

Your automated sales assistant reaches out to every lead 24x7x365 and never calls in sick

Verify contact details

Save time by having your automated sales assistant get a lead’s cell phone number and a good time to call

Integrates with CRM

Easy CRM integration increases ROI from Salesforce and automation systems

Improve lead ROI

Find out which lead sources produce the best results

Sales insights

Gain unique insights into the performance of your sales team, including feedback on service and sales follow-through

"Conversica helps our agents prioritize their time so they can focus more on converting leads instead of chasing them. Now they can close deals faster, which translates to more commission in their pockets and more revenue." Director of inside sales, at a large national home rental company

Increase revenue and commissions

Find who’s ready

Your 24x7 automated virtual sales agent helps real estate agents engage with prospective borrowers at every step in the lead lifecycle. We’ll help you quickly identify the leads that are serious.

It’s easy to be responsive

Conversica goes beyond typical outbound marketing campaigns to nurture new inbound leads within minutes of their initial inquiry. We’ll help you to nurture leads until they are ready to buy, sell or rent.

Find new gems in old leads

Renew inactive leads with lead nurturing with a human touch. Your automated sales assistant keeps your firm in front of potential owners and renters who may not be in the market now, but could be in the future.

Sales insights

Gain unique insights into the performance of your sales team, including feedback on service and sales follow-through.

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