Customer Success

Deliver a Personalized Touch to Customers at Scale

People and Customer Success AI Assistants Working Together for Customer Retention and Account Expansion

AI Assistants within our Customer Success Software engage your customers by initiating contact, empathizing intelligently
to interpret replies, and responding with a tailored response.

Scaling Account and Customer Success Management is a Struggle

You have many customers and your customer success team may find it challenging to keep up with their book of business.

Your people spend a lot of time on administrative tasks, not with customers.

Even the number of medium value customers in your "low touch" pool is restricted by the size of your team.

Your many "low value" customers are relegated to impersonal mass emails and self-serve options.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants Scale Account and Customer Success Management

Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.

Customer Success AI Assistants engage with buyers throughout the entire customer journey, from on-boarding, to driving upsell and cross-sell, to collecting customer feedback.

They communicate back-and-forth promptly, professionally and persistently, helping to expand product usage and increase your footprint in the account.

Customer Engagement Use Cases

Get Started Quickly

Each Customer Success AI Assistant can have multiple skills, here are 3 of the most common skills to get your team started:

DRIVE Customer Health

Communicate regularly with customers to ensure engagement and healthy adoption

Collect Customer Feedback

Create loyal advocates by fielding surveys, promoting online reviews, and more

Upsell & Cross-Sell CUSTOMERS

Drive interest with customers to purchase additional products or projects

Supports Multiple Languages and Channels

Our Customer Success AI Assistants engage with leads through email and text exchanges. They gather new or updated phone numbers and pass that information to the salesperson for follow-up, while updating the CRM or marketing automation system. OurIntelligent Virtual Assistants also speak multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Japanese.

Real Time Insights to Optimize Your Funnel

Analyze your funnel by using Conversica’s AI dashboards and reports to quickly understand where leads are getting stuck. Augment your workforce with Intelligent Virtual Assistants at specific stages of the customer journey to drive faster conversion at every step.

Integrates with Your
Existing Technology Stack

Initial contact by the Intelligent Virtual Assistant is based on triggers and contact info in your CRM. The Customer Success AI Assistant interprets the intent and update the systems and replies accordingly. Based on information from the conversation, the CRM and marketing automation systems are updated automatically.

Scale Account

Serve more customers with your existing account and customer success teams

Increase Product

Enable customers to take full advantage of your products

Drive Higher

Create advocates by increasing customer NPS and customer retention

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