Earlier today we announced a major sponsorship of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). This organization was founded to help advance the art and science of inside sales, which is a cause we strongly support at Conversica.

With some 9,000 members representing 4,000 different companies, the organization is doing admirable work in bringing together the brightest minds in sales, sharing best practices, answering questions and generally helping to advance the careers of its members.

Conversica is throwing our support behind the organization through sponsorships of events and the website, as well as through membership of our own inside sales professionals. We hope to share as much as we can and learn as much as we can!

The full announcement is included below. AA-ISP members who are attending the Leadership Summit later this month in Chicago can learn more about Conversica by stopping by our table.

Good selling!

Conversica Announces Major Sponsorship of AA-ISP to Help Advance the Profession of Inside Sales

Will Participate in National, Regional and Online Activities

FOSTER CITY, CA – April 2, 2015. Conversica, the leading provider of sales conversion management software for inside sales, sales and marketing announced today a major sponsorship of the AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals). As part of its sponsorship of the AA-ISP, Conversica will participate as presenters at the annual Leadership Summit and the association’s regional conferences. In addition, they will provide support for the AA-ISP global chapter program as well as other educational forums such as the AA-ISP webinar and training series.

“Our association is very excited to have Conversica on board, and we believe this is an important step in achieving AA-ISP’s mission of helping inside sales reach new levels of professionalism, recognition, and performance,” said Larry Reeves, AA-ISP Chief Executive Officer. “The rapid growth of inside sales will require inside sales professionals to use more efficient technologies to be successful. Working together with Conversica will help the association further advance our profession.”

“One of the basic problems that inside sales reps face is following up on an increasing onslaught of inbounds leads to find those that are qualified and ready to buy,” comments Mark Bradley, CEO of Conversica, who will also serve as a member of the AA-ISP’s Advisory Board. “Our unique artificial intelligent platform automatically contacts, engages, nurtures, qualifies and follows up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations until the lead converts into a sales opportunity. Using our automated virtual sales assistant makes inside sales reps much more efficient, freeing up their time for more valuable selling activities.”

“Conversica has engaged millions of leads on behalf of thousands of inside sales reps” he added. “We look forward to sharing years of prospecting and lead qualification best practices with the members of AA-ISP to help them improve their skills, advance their careers and equip their reps with the most innovative sales tools available.

Conversica will demonstrate its award-winning AI lead engagement platform at the AA-ISP’s upcoming Leadership Summit, April 21st and 22nd in Chicago, an event that brings together hundreds of Inside Sales Executives for two days of learning, sharing, and networking. Mike Grossman, Conversica’s VP of Enterprise Sales, will also speak at the summit on the topic of applying artificial intelligence to inside sales activities.

About the AA-ISP

The AA-ISP is an international association dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. The association engages in research studies, organizational benchmarking and leadership round tables to better understand and analyze the trends, challenges, and key components of the growth and development of the Inside Sales industry. Our mission is to help Inside Sales representatives and leaders leverage our information and resources through published content, local community chapters, national conferences, career development, and an Inside Sales Accreditation program. For more information on the AA-ISP, please visit www.aa-isp.org.