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Conversica provides simple and powerful lead engagement software to engage with each and every lead. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Conversica can contact and converse with your leads via email, freeing your sales reps to close deals.

Lead engagement software that engages each of your leads in a friendly two-way conversation

Your virtual sales assistant

AI software engages all your leads quickly, freeing sales reps to close more deals

It’s what leads want

Use email to get the best phone number and time to call from leads, so they are expecting the call

Smarter lead engagement

Engage leads with a personal, human touch with two-way dialogue using a virtual sales assistant

Treat leads as individuals

Built trust by allowing customers to move forward with the sales process at their pace

Interprets responses

Go beyond automation. Natural language processing and advanced machine learning transform lead interactions

Ready? Set? Go!

When a lead is ready to make contact, a sales rep is alerted and provided with the complete conversation to date

Engaging leads in the most timely manner is one of the biggest challenges for our insurance agency clients, especially for independent agents who simply do not have the time or resources to follow up on every lead. Conversica proved that automated lead engagement could not only solve the problem of contacting every lead, but more importantly, increase an agent’s engagement rate significantly.
Ian Hopper, email marketing manager, QuoteWizard

Lead engagement automation with a human touch

Automated sales assistant interprets responses for better lead engagement

Our AI technology can handle all aspects of lead engagement to engage new, stale or unreachable leads in a personal dialogue. It sends out friendly email messages that look they like were written afresh by a human, engaging and nurturing each lead right away. It interprets each response by itself and takes each conversation to the next level, or stops emailing it if it’s a dead end.

Do you have a question? Ask when you engage a lead with Conversica

There’s a lot you won’t know about a new Internet sales lead or inbound marketing lead. But there’s no need to guess with Conversica. The automated sales assistant can engage your leads automatically, asking questions – and sharing the answers with you. The automated sales assistant does a great and reliable job of lead engagement, leaving leads feeling welcome and with a good impression of your organization.

Leads share valuable information when engaged by Conversica’s AI software

Our lead engagement software successfully obtains phone numbers, including mobile numbers, and important details from leads such as purchase criteria. Information is captured from earlier replies and re-used in future messages such as to ask, “Is 555-555-5555 the best number to reach you?” As a result, your sales reps will benefit from valuable details gathered by Conversia when it’s time to speak to the lead.

Your message, your way, every time

Every AI message fits your brand. It looks like it was written custom for each lead. And it engages every lead the way you want. Rather than hiring a sales development rep to make repetitive calls, hire Conversica’s automated sales assistant.

Engage leads who don’t answer the phone

Many leads screen their calls or are not available at that time, so how can they be reached? Our automated sales assistant engages leads via email messages that look and sound like they come from a real person. On average, 35 percent of leads will respond with our AI technology over email, often agreeing to a sales call and specifying when they will be available. At the agreed-upon time, they are ready for the salesperson’s call.

A sample lead engagement conversation

Let’s say a prospect has downloaded content from your website, selected a free trial, or requested a quote from a third-party lead provider. Regardless of the time of day or number of requests, the Conversica automated sales assistant can immediately engage the lead with a brief, conversational email that invites a two-way dialogue. Once the automated sales assistant makes contact—whether on the first, fifth, or ninth try—AI technology interprets the mood and intent of the reply and captures personal details, such as the lead’s phone number, allowing a personalized reply. The natural conversations reveal a lead’s interest level, purchase criteria, and the best time and method for a sales rep to contact the lead. By the time the lead comes to the sales team, much of the crucial discovery work is complete.

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