Conversica named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions for B2B, Q1 2024

AI Lead Scoring

Is the high-scoring lead who downloaded five technical white papers a qualified decision-maker or just a student doing research? Conversica can tell you before a sales rep makes a call. Leads respond to the friendly human-like emails of your virtual sales assistant. Conversica interprets the responses and alerts the sales team to call hot leads that are ready to buy now. Rather than score, just ask.

A lead nurturing system that autonomously identifies interest and buying intent

Identify intent to buy

The virtual sales assistant can interpret the lead’s interest level and sentiment and adjust the lead score

Go beyond lead scoring

Rather than guess intent, just ask your leads if they’re ready and score their responses based on sentiment and intent-to-buy

Get real-time sales alerts

When our AI technology for sales and marketing identifies a sales opportunity, it alerts a sales rep immediately

Increase sales revenue

Your sales team can save time and focus on closing sales in less time with better lead scoring with AI

Maximize marketing automation

OConversica builds upon the demand generation advantages of lead-scoring marketing automation software

Minimize human intervention

Working silently in the background with no human intervention required, Conversica alerts you to the most qualified leads


The only way to truly qualify a lead and determine purchase intent is to engage the lead in conversation or an email dialogue. That’s where Conversica comes in.


Go beyond lead scoring to identify intent.

Automated sales assistant engages the lead in conversation

Predictive lead scoring indicates who might be ready to speak to sales, but wouldn’t it be better to ask? The only way to truly qualify a sales or marketing lead and determine purchase intent is to engage the lead in conversation or an email dialogue. But we all know how time consuming and challenging that is. That’s where Conversica comes in.

Conversica’s lead engagement software automatically sends all of your leads simple and conversational email messages from your automated sales assistant. The messages prompt natural responses, and the AI interprets the text and continues the conversation without human intervention. Lead scoring is based on what leads actually say.

A 35 percent response rate

Because the AI emails are not perceived as spam or promotional, they achieve on average a 35 percent lead engagement rate. Through on-going email conversations, the automated sales assistant can uncover details about purchase intent and contact details. However long it takes, the AI will keep reaching out to the lead.

Automated lead qualification is better than predictive lead scoring

Conversica can help you leap quickly from predictive lead scoring to prequalifying leads, identifying purchase intent and communicating that information to sales teams in real time. That means with Conversica, your sales teams can prioritize talking with the hottest, prequalified leads.

Which leads are ready to buy?

Rather than predict which leads are most likely to buy based on demographics (personal information), firmographics (company information), behavior and big data predictive models, just ask. When the Conversica automated sales assistant detects purchase intent and desire to engage in the sales process, a sales rep is alerted immediately. What’s more, the automated sales assistant will likely have gathered additional details, such as the best number to call, best time and purchase criteria.

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