Marketing technology with artificial intelligence (AI) is an up and coming software solution that can add really powerful tools to your marketing toolbox. Many companies, especially in the auto industry, are already using it successfully. Any company involved in lead generation or lead purchasing may find the new marketing technology can dramatically improve marketing return on investment (ROI) and accelerate the sales process.

Many companies generate a lot of marketing leads but then waste many of them, which drags down their results. Either the marketing leads are sent prematurely to sales, or the sales team doesn’t follow up on all of the leads or doesn’t have time to keep trying to contact each lead after failing to get through on the first or first few tries. This waste of marketing leads can be halted with a new form of marketing technology for lead engagement and lead management that uses artificial intelligence software for marketing and sales.

Knowing when to pass a lead to sales is a big challenge that marketing automation vendors have tried to solve with lead scoring. Lead scoring tries to predict the likelihood of purchase by looking at the number of touches with the company. But one touch is not the same as another. Where is the lead in the buying cycle? Do they have buying authority? How soon do they plan to buy? What are they looking for?

Instead of guessing, the new marketing technology with artificial intelligence can actually send emails to your leads and ask: Do you have questions? Would you like to talk to a company representative? Do you want more information? And when the lead responds, the marketing technology can read it, interpret both content and sentiment, and decide what to do next – including sending a follow up email. What’s the best number to reach you at? What’s the best time to call?

All the while the artificially intelligent lead engagement system appears to be a friendly, real customer service rep at your company.

The winning result? The marketing leads passed on to sales are of a much higher quality and come pre-qualified with extremely useful contact information that minimizes sales time. And the company enjoys higher marketing ROI and accelerates sales.