Conversica AI and Marketo Power AI Customer Engagement. Integrate Conversica Intelligent Virtual Assistants Seamlessly with Marketo.


Marketo's customer engagement platform and Conversica integrate to allow Conversica Intelligent Virtual Assistants to converse with each of your email marketing leads, nurturing and qualifying the leads via natural, two-way dialogues. Conversica brings a powerful human dimension to marketing automation software.

Which Leads Are Ready for Sales? Predict ... or Just Ask

You can predict based on behavior, demographics and scoring, or you can just ask with Conversica. Driven by artificial intelligence, Conversica engages leads in personal, natural email dialogues from interest to marketing qualified lead (MQL) status. Conversica updates the Marketo lead record, your Salesforce CRM, and sends hot-lead alerts to your Sales team.

Send a Personal Email to Each New Lead

Imagine this email: “I saw you stopped by our booth at ExpoCon. Did you get all the information you needed? Would you like to speak with Mike in sales?” Half the leads respond, and the AI technology continues each conversation, with the lead revealing level of interest, contact phone number, best time to call and purchasing time frame for every qualified lead.