MPW Strategies

MPW Strategies, a fundraising consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado, is Converisca’s preferred reseller partner for non-profit organizations including higher education institutions. The team at MPW Strategies works with regional and national non-profitsm as well as alumni relations teams, to maximize fundraising goals by developing modern strategies and driving adoption of cutting edge technology, including the employment of Conversica’s Fundrains AI Assistant.

About MPW Strategies

MPW Strategies provides a comprehensive suite of fundraising consulting services that bolster organizations’ ability to meet missions and propel positive change. Working with your team, MPW Strategies provides the models, approach, and systems to instill newfound expertise and confidence in you and your team’s fundraising practices, and makes sustainable ingrained culture and infrastructure enhancements to help you fulfill your mission for the long term. MPW Strategies adapts its guidance to each organization’s specific circumstances in a highly engaging, hands-on way, enabling a hand-in-glove fit between your unique needs and our tailored solutions.

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