AI-Powered Marketo Integration 

Conversica AI and Marketo Power AI Customer Engagement

Marketo's customer engagement platform and Conversica integrate to allow a marketing automated assistant to converse with each of your email marketing leads, nurturing and qualifying the leads via natural, two-way dialogues. Conversica brings a powerful human dimension to marketing automation software.

Rather than relying on guesswork and predictive lead scoring, Conversica identifies the best leads by asking them – and they answer.

Hand Off Higher Quality Leads

Generate more revenue for the company. Sales wants better leads, not more leads

AI-Driven Lead Nurturing

Your automated sales assistant patiently nurtures each lead for days or weeks or months – until a lead’s interest changes to intent to buy

Boost Lead Engagement

AI marketing emails appear to come from a real human. On average, 35 percent of leads will answer

Go Beyond Scoring

Just ask. Score marketing leads based on what leads actually say – not clicks, guesses and predictions

From Interest to MQL

Connect to Conversica, add leads to lists and let Conversica do the rest

We’re Your Partner

Conversica will help ensure the success of your AI marketing campaigns with expert guidance

Marketers today are building long-term customer relationships that advance a conversation over time. To do this, they need innovative solutions that help them engage customers and prospects in a relevant and personalized way. We’re excited to have Conversica in LaunchPoint. The integration of their solution with Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform empowers marketers with a richer data set about the customer journey to create meaningful marketing programs.

Lou Pelosi, Senior Director of LaunchPoint, Marketo

Add a Personalized Touch to Marketing Automation Software

Which Leads Are Ready for Sales? Predict ... or Just Ask

You can predict based on behavior, demographics and scoring, or you can just ask with Conversica. Driven by artificial intelligence, Conversica engages leads in personal, natural email dialogues from interest to marketing qualified lead (MQL) status. Conversica updates the Marketo lead record, your Salesforce CRM, and sends hot-lead alerts to your sales team.

Send a Personal Email to Each New Lead

Imagine this email: “I saw you stopped by our booth at ExpoCon. Did you get all the information you needed? Would you like to speak with Mike in sales?” Half the leads respond, and the AI technology continues each conversation, with the lead revealing level of interest, contact phone number, best time to call and purchasing timeframe for every qualified lead.

    Integrate Seamlessly with Marketo Software

    Conversica integrates easily with Marketo's customer engagement platform:

    • Using your criteria and triggers, add leads to a Marketo list you've associated with a Conversica conversation.
    • Leads from that list are automatically sent to Conversica and the dialogue begins.
    • Conversica updates conversation status back to the Marketo lead record so you can score, alert or take other action.
    • The full email dialogue with each lead is available in the Marketo lead record, in Conversica's dashboard, in optional email alerts and in your CRM system. (We're also integrated directly to Salesforce and the mobile Salesforce app).

    Ready to see how Conversica AI Assistants can augment your workforce?