AI for Salesforce & Salesforce Leads Management

Salesforce and Conversica Integrate to Allow AI Technology for Sales to Identify and Nurture Your Best Leads.

The AI persona acts as an automated sales assistant for growing sales teams, allowing your team to focus on the leads most likely to convert into sales opportunities.

Lightning Ready

Experience seamless integration, with support for Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning

Engage Sales Leads

See how many leads Conversica has worked, which ones are hot, and what they said

Follow-Up with At-Risk Leads

See which leads say they are still waiting to hear from a salesperson

Prioritize Leads

Conversica identifies which leads are interested and want more information, have a question or are not interested

View the Dialogue

Between the automated assistant software and the lead – before a salesperson picks up the phone

We’re Your Partner

Conversica will help ensure the success of your AI campaigns with expert guidance

I really like the integration of Conversica with Salesforce because everything is in one place. I don’t have to go into multiple applications to view or monitor different types of information. For example, I can look into Conversica’s lead source tab and see if a source is driving bad leads, and I can monitor our agents’ overall satisfaction rating daily.

Director of Inside Sales for a large provider of single-family home rentals

Sales Acceleration with Conversica’s AI Technology and Salesforce Lead Management Technology

Engages Thousands of Leads to Identify the Best Leads

Rather than relying on guesswork, Conversica identifies the best leads by asking them – and they answer. Your automated sales assistant converses with leads from Salesforce campaigns, engaging and qualifying leads via natural, two-way email conversations. Conversica sends simple messages to leads that elicit genuine responses. The lead responds, revealing level of interest and details about the purchasing decision.

The Automated Sales Assistant Qualifies Email Leads Independently

The automated sales assistant interprets the content and tone of responses to its emails and takes the next step, such as asking for the best phone number or best time to call, or stopping the conversation. Hot leads are sent to sales immediately as an alert.

Conversica Updates Salesforce Automatically

When Conversica reaches out to your leads via email, the lead engagement details are stored within the Salesforce record. Alerted to a hot lead, your sales rep can review the entire dialogue between Conversica and the lead, including when the messages were sent. Unlike humans, Conversica always remembers to update details of its lead interactions in Salesforce.

Sales Performance Metrics for Lead Management

Sales management gets valuable sales performance metrics from our lead engagement software. You can see how many leads Conversica contacted, and how many leads were interested, had questions or were not interested. Sales performance metrics for specific sales representatives show who has leads at risk, who is falling behind with follow-up and even track lead satisfaction scores by rep. The lead tracking software also lets you see which leads are at risk – so you can intervene in time.

    Identify Your Most Valuable Lead Sources with ROI

    Which of your lead sources are paying off? Which aren’t? Conversica and Salesforce together show you sales metrics such as which source’s leads turn into sales opportunities and whether the opportunities closed. Conversica can also help you get credit for duplicate and bad leads.

    Conversica Works Seamlessly with Salesforce and the Salesforce App (Salesforce1)

    With the Salesforce leads management app you can:

    • Access the Conversica dashboard from a mobile phone from inside the Salesforce app
    • Manage lead email responses, view two-way email dialogues with leads, and view more details
    • See which leads have responded with intent to buy and their best phone number
    • Check the status of sales leads worked by Conversica
    • Read lead responses in the notification or Chatter feed and take action on new posts
    • View the mobile card

    Ready to see how our Conversational AI Assistant can augment your workforce?