In a recently released report, PCG Research, the leading provider of marketing research and analysis to automotive dealers, concluded that Conversica is the ideal complement to the automotive sales process for increased customer engagement and sales conversions. The PCG Research report found that:

  • 55% of the dealers using Conversica indicate a much higher email delivery rate than that of their current CRM platform
  • Emails sent via Conversica are opened more than three times as often as those sent from CRM systems
  • 95% of the dealers surveyed as part of the research would recommend Conversica to their peers

“The data in this report shows how integrating Conversica’s artificial intelligence communications platform with a dealership’s existing CRM application results in more leads converting into sales,” said Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Consulting and Founder of PCG Research. “Conversica specifically fills in the two blind spots for dealers: deliverability of their email communication with potential customers and those customers’ satisfaction with the buying process. Using Conversica creates a better experience for the dealer’s customers and better buyer intelligence for their sales managers, ultimately leading to higher sales.”

While dealers rely heavily on CRM systems to engage with customers, these systems are too dependent on the appropriate data entry and updating by dealership staff. In an industry with a typical 70% turnover rate of sales staff, data quality and hygiene is an ongoing problem that Conversica addresses with consistent, persistent lead engagement and real-time CRM updates.

“We know that dealers want better engagement with consumers and independent feedback regarding their sales teams’ performance,” said Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica. “And PCG Research’s conclusions confirm this. Most importantly, we recognize that sales managers just don’t have the time to micromanage their internet sales teams. That’s why we developed the Conversica virtual sales assistant to increase lead engagement and help dealers drive more showroom visits and sell more cars. Additionally, the comprehensive reporting and dashboards we provide give sales managers real-time feedback on how their sales process and lead sources perform, allowing them to continually improve their training and optimize their marketing spend.”

“We were pleased to see how well Conversica performed in PCG’s report because the product has been such a boon to our business,” said Andrew Wright, Vice President, Vinart Dealerships. “We have a strong internet sales process, but before Conversica we were never able to be 100% sure that our people were following up properly and that our communications were being received by the intended party. Now we get independent feedback and validation and we get it in a timely, actionable fashion. It helps to ensure that we are properly servicing in-market shoppers before we lose an opportunity.”

The report also includes a detailed review of key Conversica components such as:

  • “Sales Team Report Card” – summarizes how well each team member is communicating with consumers
  • “Hot Leads Alerts” – notifies the sales consultant and creates an entry in their CRM
  • “Leads at Risk” – highlights the customers who haven’t received the proper information or the proper service

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