Podcast: A Guide for the Modern Marketer’s Go To Marketing Strategy

Podcast: A Guide for the Modern Marketer's Go To Marketing Strategy

A Marketing executive’s go-to-market strategy depends on whether their company is in an established category — going after market share gain — or if they are in a new category that requires awareness building for the category itself. Utpal Bhatt is the SVP of Marketing at Qubole, a SaaS platform that processes cloud data and provides support for many large companies such as Oracle and Lyft, as well as many start-ups.

Utpal heads up Marketing and is responsible for brand awareness, product marketing and lead generation. In this episode, Vengreso host Bernie Borges invites Utpal to discuss the different go-to-market strategies that should be used when entering a cold market versus a hot and happening market. Listen to learn how to determine if you should create a new category or if you are in an existing category and need to differentiate your product.