– Conversica, the leading provider of sales conversion management software for marketing, inside sales and sales organizations, has been chosen by QuoteWizard, Seattle, one of the largest independent, privately-held insurance lead providers in the United States, to increase lead quality and engagement rates for its clients.

The Conversica application automatically contacts, engages, nurtures, qualifies, and follows up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations with no human intervention required. As a result, Conversica helps enterprises maximize sales opportunities by optimizing sales team productivity and increases return on investment from existing customer relationship management systems, as well as marketing and sales automation tools.

Conversica currently sends over 47,000 emails every month on behalf of QuoteWizard’s clients. Also available as an optional service through QuoteWizard, Conversica has enabled the company’s clients to achieve lead engagement rates of up to 40 percent, significantly higher than typical marketing approaches.

“Third-party lead aggregators are in a very competitive marketplace where the company with the highest quality leads wins repeat business,” said Mark A. Bradley, chief executive officer at Conversica. “QuoteWizard uses Conversica to maximize lead quality with minimal effort, and by also offering Conversica as an add-on service, it has been able to create more sales opportunities for QuoteWizard clients.”

QuoteWizard’s clients who opt to use Conversica can create a customized name for Conversica’s human persona, who will contact, engage, and qualify leads purchased from QuoteWizard. Using email messages, Conversica’s artificial intelligence-based application is able to interpret responses from leads and generate an appropriate email response with no human involvement needed. Conversica’s sales conversion automated platform ensures that QuoteWizard’s clients can engage leads faster and focus on closing leads with purchase intent by:

  • Creating automated, two-way email-based communication with leads using a human persona
  • Determining the lead’s intent in real-time by interpreting text in the email response
  • Alerting the salesperson to contact qualified leads who indicate intention to buy now
  • Following up after the salesperson’s initial contact to continue to nurture the lead and get additional information or feedback

“Providing the best services to help our clients close more leads is our main goal at QuoteWizard,” said Scott Peyree, president at QuoteWizard. “It’s proven that the faster you follow up with a lead, the more likely it will become a solid contact. Our clients who use Conversica are getting a better ROI on their leads because Conversica responds in real time. That also means our clients gain a competitive advantage over agents who are not using Conversica.”

A case study with additional details on QuoteWizard’s success with Conversica can be downloaded at www.conversica.com/quotewizard.