Infographic: Lead Scoring and Purchase Intent

Lead scoring can tell you which leads interacted most with your website, but not which leads are ready to buy now. The only way to truly qualify a lead and determine purchase intent is to engage the lead in conversation via phone or email. But that can take a lot of time.

How Conversica can help:

  • Conversica’s messages sound like they are coming from a person.
  • Because the messages don’t look like spam or sound promotional, more than 50% of recipients respond.
  • Conversica can uncover details about purchase intent, because it is driven by artificial intelligence.
  • No lead scoring system can match Conversica’s insight and lead qualification.
  • When Conversica detects purchase intent or desire to engage in the sales process, a sales rep is alerted immediately.

No more vague lead scoring and chasing dead end leads!

No more vague lead scoring and chasing dead end leads!
Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), Conversica is the only automated software solution that can contact, engage, nurture, qualify and follow-up with leads without the need for human interaction. A custom persona nurtures leads from interest to sales opportunity via natural, two-way email exchanges and when a lead is ready to purchase, the software alerts the sales representative automatically. Sales teams can finally focus on the leads most likely to convert into opportunities – saving hundreds of hours per year.

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